Are you ready for refrigerant gas changes?

The F-Gas regulations outlined under the Kyoto Protocol to reduce global warming, will bring change to the use of R134a refrigerant gases post December 31, 2017.

As of January 1, 2018, aerosols can no longer use R134a with a GWP (Global Warming Potential) of more than 150. Products regularly used as everyday essentials, such as air duster, leak detection spray, pipe freezing and so on, will have to be filled with a compliant eco-friendly alternative known as ZE gas. The existing range of products is able to be used and resold post 1st January 2018 until all stocks are depleted.

However, Arctic Hayes has over 50 years’ experience and is already at the forefront of introducing a new eco-friendly ZE blend that will work equally as effectively as all gases supplied in the past.

In practice, nothing changes. However, the components used to formulate such products will make it more expensive to create. This new range will become environmentally friendly and compliant with the Kyoto Protocols challenge of reducing global CO2 output.

These market changes form part of the global focus on climate change and cannot be averted. Whilst Arctic Hayes does not wish to alarm the industry, as market leader in its field of manufacturing aerosol products, the company feels it needs to bring it to users’ attention.

Mike Windsor, Sales and Marketing Director at Arctic Hayes, suggests that change is a positive that needs to be embraced.

“The ever-increasing changes within industry have never made us falter previously and won’t deter us in the future either,” he said. “The use of aerosol products has enabled a far more efficient and professional working environment – something that all within our industry strive to achieve on a daily basis.

“We are all extremely proud of who we are and what we do across the breadth of our industry, which is what makes us a unique and unified sector in the construction industry.”

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