Are you using the industry leading pipe freezing kit?

Next generation chemicals from Arctic Hayes that are helping our industry to help the planet

Arctic Hayes pipe freeze products enable repairs and maintenance of pipework without the need to drain down the whole system, saving both time and money.

Great for confined spaces (eg. under sinks), freeze kits can be used on all types of pipes, including copper, steel, plastic, lead and iron. With the fastest freezing times on the market, this is an essential piece of kit for plumbers, heating engineers and DIY enthusiasts. The range covers everything you need, from single use cans to professional kits which can be re-used.

The whole pipe freeze range contains lower global warming potential than HFC gas. This helps Arctic Hayes reduce its total annual carbon footprint from pipe freezing products by over 99.5%, which equates to a real-world reduction of more than 100,000 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide. That’s the equivalent to taking over 21,000 cars off the road!

As the leading manufacturer in portable pipe freezing systems for over 50 years, Arctic Hayes is proud to lead the move to the new low-carbon product range. Visit the company’s website for more information, including video tutorials on how to freeze pipes, or contact Arctic Hayes today to find your local stockist.

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