Ariston range is number One with Plumbmaster

Ariston’s One Series range of high performance boilers and controls are proving a hit with customers at Plumbmaster.

Launched last year, the range comprises five A-rated boiler models including the System boilers – the E-Combi ONE, Clas ONE and Clas Net ONE – and combines modern, Italian design with the latest materials and a user-friendly interface. Intelligent, robust and efficient, these are also the quietest units Ariston has ever produced. They also come with impressive warranties. E-Combi One boilers have a 2-year warranty; Clas ONE models an 8-year warranty; and the Clas Net ONE benefit from a 12-year warranty.

The ease of installation features is one of the reasons why the One Series is proving so popular. Lightweight and straightforward to install, with easy frontal access to all components and more room inside the casing, the new boilers have been designed to aid with commissioning, servicing and repair. The chassis is strong and durable, with no sharp edges, while installation is further aided by simple- fit connections, wiring and flue. Plus, not only are the new units fully compatible with the current range of accessories, they also have all connections in the same places – enabling an easy retro t in place of an existing Ariston boiler.

Fitting controls is made even more straightforward, thanks to a unique colour coding system, which matches parts to a corresponding slot. All major components are also Ariston branded to highlight their authenticity and provide complete confidence in quality. Performance levels are also impressive and ONE Series boilers boast a patented stainless steel, continuous coil XtraTechTM heat exchanger. The component is exceptionally robust and operates well in a wide range of pH values, providing resistance to corrosion and prolonging the lifespan of the boiler. Every XtraTechTM heat exchanger also benefits from an improved condensing surface and increased hydraulic performance, which combine to provide a better transfer of heat.

ONE Series boilers are fully compatible with the Ariston NET smart heating control, while BusBridgeNet® technology allows communication with other Ariston products. This simplifies integration with a range of devices and heat sources, optimising energy consumption. The remote diagnostic capabilities of Ariston NET also ensure any faults are identified immediately, followed by precise remedial advice. A brand new suite of controls has also been introduced to allow quick and easy access to Ariston NET. Both the Cube S NET Wi-Fi thermostat and Cube room sensor boast many advanced functions, including energy management, internet weather monitoring and a weekly scheduler programme, as well as holiday and override modes. Thanks to wired and wireless zone management kits, it is also possible to manage up to six heating zones with these controls, In addition to these controls, all ONE Series boilers include a built-in ‘AUTO’ function, which monitors the ideal temperature for the heating system. This reduces peaks and fluctuations in flow temperature, ensuring the boiler consumes less gas and electricity, while avoiding on/off cycles.

Installers purchasing One Series boilers from Plumbmaster won’t only benefit from these advantages but they will also have a chance to book their place on a flight to Rome. Plumbmaster and Ariston are arranging a factory tour to Ariston’s impressive Italian facilities and by buying from the One Series you will have a chance to book your seat on the plane.

Contact your nearest branch for more details of this exciting trip. Plumbmaster has ten branches across Northern Ireland – for details of your nearest Plumbmaster visit