Altecnic’s parent company Caleffi acquires Cristina

Altecnic has announced that its parent company, Caleffi, has acquired Cristina – an Italian firm working under the trademarks Cristina Rubinetterie and SILFRA that has been producing top-end taps and fittings since 1949.|

This was a momentous business deal between two entrepreneurs – Marco Caleffi and Alberto Cristina – who go back a long way and have worked together with mutual respect, sharing the same work ethic, business approach and local territory. The two reached a full agreement on all aspects.

The Caleffi Group, which is the Italian heart of an international group active in over 70 countries worldwide, has chosen to diversify, entering the market of taps and fittings to ensure continuity and future growth for the Cristina trademark. It is a binding promise.

Alan Sherwin, Managing Director of Altecnic, said, “This new group acquisition is very exciting news for the future development of the Cristina brand here in the UK and the product offering and services to its customers.”

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