Service is at the heart of Bangor Building Supplies

The experienced team works hard to keep customers up-to-date with the latest developments within this ever-changing industry, but service is the one constant that customers enjoy.

“We have a very loyal customer base and that is growing all the time,” explained Billy McAuley, Branch Manager at the Bangor Building Supplies branch. “With today’s tight deadlines on projects, no-one can afford to be waiting for the products they need to come in, so if they can’t get it from us, then they’ll go elsewhere.

“That’s why we feel it is so important to maintain our stock levels. Once you get a reputation for that, customers make you their first port of call to source products.”

Price is, of course, also viewed as an important aspect of the business and being part of the Macnaughton Blair group means that Bangor Building Supplies offer competitive rates.

The plumbing and heating branch at Bangor Building Supplies is one of six Macnaughton Blair plumbing and heating branches across the province.

“Everyone wants to find the right balance between price and service and I believe we consistently deliver that for our customers,” added Billy. “Being part of a builders’ merchant is also an added extra, as our customers can pick up a few extras such as timber, hand tools, power tools and much more.

“But we’re more than just an add-on to the builders’ merchant – we offer a complete plumbing and heating service. Aside from that, we are also able to tap into our network of branches across Northern Ireland. Gone are the days when our customers are only working in and around their local area. More and more are extending their reach across the province but, in doing so, want a plumbers’ merchant they can trust. That is a major advantage of working with us.”

The diverse product range available is another plus point, and Bangor Building Supplies has developed this to meet the different needs of customers. The plumbing and heating branch in Bangor works with everyone from DIYers and self builders through to plumbing and heating contractors of all sizes.

A perfect example of this was the recent agreement with Alternative Heat which sees the Compact Underfloor Heating System now available at every Macnaughton Blair branch. This partnership not only gives customers access to a superb underfloor heating system but also to services such as full design and heat loss calculations that incorporate CAD loop layout drawings and full M&E schematics.

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