Bassetts’ keep feet warm for over 28 years with glo+ underfloor heating

Comfortable, economical, smart control

Bassetts has built a reputation based on customer service and quality products – two elements that are at the heart of its glo+ underfloor heating systems.

Developed by Bassetts’ heating experts, the team has continuously enhanced this system to ensure it meets the latest requirements. As a result, glo+ is not only a comfortable and economical way to heat a home but is now fully compatible with smart technology that puts the homeowner in control.

As well as oil and gas, glo+ is compatible with renewables such as air-source heat pumps or geothermal heat pumps as well as biomass heating systems. The 25-year guarantee buys peace of mind, and its flexibility means glo+ is ideal to recommend to clients for new builds, extensions and renovations.

Glo+ uses PeX-A pipe and is manufactured to DIN EN 4726 with an EVOH oxygen diffusion barrier to DIN EN 12318. Optimised performance is delivered through an individual flow metre on each circuit, allowing the system to be hydraulically balanced. In simple terms, all this means that the system works as efficiently as possible.

When you work with the glo+ technical team, you’ll be speaking to underfloor heating experts. Matthew Gilpin and Matthew Smyth have collectively over 25 years experience in the industry, specifically focused on underfloor heating. Matthew Gilpin has a strong background in Quantity Surveying and leads the glo+ team as Technical Manager. Matthew Smyth is glo+ Estimator, with seven years experience in underfloor heating.

You won’t be directed to a call centre when you need advice or installer support, you will speak directly to them.

The two-man team are fully conversant with integrating heat pumps and alternative energy sources with underfloor heating and are ideally placed to provide technical and installation support for all domestic and commercial projects.


Tried and trusted for over 20 years there’s several reasons why so many installers recommend glo+:

Free design and estimation: Your customers will focus on price. With glo+ free design and estimate service, you can give them all the details they need to make the right decision.

Easy to install: Bassetts have designed glo+ with you in mind, creating an underfloor system that is simple to install.

Technical guidance: As well as providing you with comprehensive plans tailored to the installation, their expert technical team is only a phone call away if you need advice or guidance.

JR Waddell and Son Ltd, based in Newry, have been providing expert plumbing and heating services across Northern Ireland for over 15 years. As underfloor heating specialists, the company has used glo+ on a wide range of projects.

“Glo+ works with oil, gas and renewable heat sources so that gives us flexibility. It is also really easy to install, meaning we can work faster and more efficiently,” says John Waddell, JR Waddel and Son Ltd.

Smart Control

Glo+ boasts one of the most advanced control systems for underfloor heating on the market and with the option of internet controls, users can operate the system from most mobile devices.

Room thermostats can be hard-wired or wireless and are self-modulating, meaning that the flow in the under floor heating circuits is continually adjusted, based on the needs of that room. This provides enhanced comfort and efficiency over the alternative on/off technology.

Architects and developers

Bassetts glo+ team works alongside architects and developers to design bespoke under floor heating systems that matches requirements, avoiding any issues with the location of controls or manifolds. In addition to CAD designs, the specialists can work directly with the installer to provide complete guidance and technical assistance.

Underfloor heating is not only economical, offering value for money, but it also provides complete design freedom as client Warwich McCullough of HPA Architecture, Portadown affirms, “As architects, underfloor heating offers us a lot more design freedom than conventional systems, such as radiators. The expert design service offered by Bassetts is also hugely beneficial to us.”