Be spares savvy

The continuous use and circulation of non-compliant plumbing and heating products is a growing industry concern.

Despite efforts to combat the problem there are still a large number of products on the market that either don’t comply with the latest regulations or are described as being ‘manufactured in accordance with’ those standards. The primary issue home-owners face, should a substandard product be installed in their property, is safety. But for an installer there are a number of other implications to consider when determining the true cost of not using accredited, authentic, compliant products.

Often made from inferior materials or components, non-compliant plumbing and heating products are unlikely to have been through the same rigorous testing and approvals process as genuine products. This means that installers cannot be sure that these parts will not cause major failure, damage, or be the cause of breakdowns in a system.

It is also the case that fitting non- approved spares to a heating system can null and void the manufacturer’s warranty on a boiler as its safety can no longer be assured. This means that home-owners and installers alike can be faced with large bills when correcting problems caused by the use of such products and in dealing with any legal implications that arise as a result.

Non-conformant products can be introduced to the market at any stage, including by the installer, the merchant or right at the beginning of the supply chain with the manufacturer. To ensure safety and quality standards are upheld in the heating industry it is imperative that all parties are aware of the latest legislation that applies to all the components that they buy and fit.

At Altecnic, we pride ourselves in only supplying products that meet the required standards, including the appropriate approvals by the BSI (British Standards Institution), CE marking and WRAS (the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme). We make certain that all current legislative and certification standards are met and exceeded for supply into the market. We are also proud of our hard-earned reputation for supplying superior products with industry leading customer service, all backed up by the very best technical support.

This means that, when buying any Altecnic product, whether a thermostatic mixing valve, a filling loop or a vessel, customers are safe in the knowledge that it is compliant, accredited and authentic.

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