BoilerMag celebrates third anniversary

In a market that has been flooded by competitor products, BoilerMag, manufactured by Eclipse Magnetics, has retained its first-class performance integrity- as you would naturally expect from a company that is a world leader in magnetic technology with over 100 years’ experience, and which has retained its market-leading performance level since its launch.

Whatever the installation, BoilerMag has the solution, offering high-performance systems for domestic, commercial and industrial properties.

Using a patented magnetic core made from Neodymium (the most powerful magnetic material type in the world) BoilerMag has the largest magnetic core of any system filter on the market.

As well as having the largest dirt collection capacity of any system filter, it captures both magnetic and non-magnetic debris circulating in the heating system, and offers a unique dual flow design that effectively filters the circulating water twice on each pass, maximising the exposure to the magnetic core.

Easy to install – with 360 degree adjustment capability – its quick and flexible installation has made it a favourite of installers who have switched to the Boilermag.

All you need to fit and service BoilerMag is contained in a simple, retail-friendly, off-the-shelf package. For easy flushing, try the simple screw fit flushing adaptor (BMFA).

T: (NI) 0114 225 0624 or (RoI) 0044 114 225 0624