Broadlands switches on to Natural Gas

Broadlands residents connect to Phoenix Natural Gas network as part of a major expansion project to extend access of natural gas to a further 10,600 properties...

Robert Best and family from Broadlands are congratulated by Ricky Higgins, Energy Advisor at Phoenix Natural Gas on being the first to connect to the natural gas network.

Broadlands resident Robert Best became the first customer to connect to the Phoenix Natural Gas network as part of a major investment to extend natural gas availability to a further 10,600 properties across the Phoenix Natural Gas licence area.

Construction to extend the natural gas pipeline commenced in late 2020, with over 700 properties already passed, bringing the benefits of natural gas to even more homes.

Speaking about his experience, Robert said: “When I saw that Phoenix Natural Gas was coming to Broadlands, I knew I was going to make the switch. With a young family it’s so much easier now that there’s a constant supply of hot water exactly when you need it for unexpected shower and bath times.  It’s also great to know that by making the switch to natural gas we’re playing a part in reducing our household carbon heating emissions as natural gas is less carbon polluting than other home heating fuels.

“The whole process with Phoenix Natural Gas and our gas safe installer was really smooth and only took a couple of days to complete. Removing the oil and water tanks has also given us extra space inside the house as well as in the garden.

“I’m delighted with how straightforward the whole process has been and the service we’ve received.  I’ve already recommended making the switch to Phoenix Natural Gas to my family, friends and neighbours.”

Neil McCracken, General Manager of Sales at Phoenix Natural Gas said, “I am delighted that customers in Broadlands are now able to connect to the natural gas network and I congratulate Robert and his family on being the first to enjoy the benefits of natural gas as a result of the network extension.

“There has been lots of interest across Broadlands from customers keen to make the switch to natural gas and with a further 9,900 properties to be passed across our licence area in the coming months and years, I look forward to helping even more local households become Phoenix Natural Gas customers.”

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