Calor and Rinnai bring something for everyone

Calor and Rinnai bring energy and cost-efficient hotwater to businesses...

Calor-powered Rinnai water heaters.

Businesses are constantly seeking lower costs and better performance in all areas, including their energy usage. For many, cutting costs has to be matched with sustainability.

Calor have answered these demands and joined forces with leading water heater manufacturer Rinnai to offer a competitive, sustainable solution – a range of continuous flow water heaters. Across the complete range, the energy-efficient heaters provide instant and controllable hot water.

The Calor-powered Rinnai water heaters can meet any requirement, from large-scale commercial businesses, such as hotels or sports clubs, right through to light commercial use. The range has an option for everyone wishing to broaden their market and maximise their sales.

For businesses that need consistent hot water, the Rinnai Sensei ‘N Series’ Water Heater is an ideal solution. The unit is a fully modulating, fully condensing, stainless steel, continuous flow water heating system, designed specifically for high hot water demand applications.

For lighter commercial users requiring high volumes of hot water intermittently, the Rinnai ‘A Series’ Water Heaters provide hot water on demand, with completely accurate temperature control. The range includes internal and external models to facilitate any type of business. All Calor water heaters can run on BioLPG, Calor’s renewable gas product, allowing customers to enjoy optimum performance with minimal environmental impact.

All products are easy to install, have increased levels of serviceability and improved operational performance. Together, Calor and Rinnai add value to your business with cost-effective, energy-saving solutions that deliver greater efficiency for your customers.

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