Calor celebrates 80 years at the heart of communities across Ireland

Calor’s core ethos of value, quality and customer service have helped forge strong relationships with Irish consumers over the past eight decades. Today, Calor is noted as one of Ireland’s longest established suppliers of Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) with over 53,000 customers nationwide.

Calor has long enjoyed a reputation synonymous with trust, reliability and an unwavering focus of putting its customers at the heart of everything it does. From its early days as Calor Kosangas, the iconic SuperSer range and the key sponsorship in the 80’s of the Calor Housewife of the Year competition, Calor has earned its place as a brand that is instantly recognisable amongst Irish families across the country, especially in rural Ireland.

To mark this milestone in the brand’s rich legacy, Calor has unveiled a new brand identity. The redesign is an evolution in Calor’s 80-year journey; delivering change without losing touch with the brand’s core identity, which resonates with Irish consumers to this day.

Tom O’Carroll, CEO, Calor, commented, “Our identity is steeped in our core values, which places people at the heart of everything we do, from our customers to our staff. 2017 is a very big year for Calor and I am delighted to welcome this new brand as a representation of Calor’s rich history in Ireland, as well as an exciting and bright future.”

With a proud history that has spanned across generations of Irish families, Calor looks forward to the next 80 years, making new memories and sharing new experiences with its customers.

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