C&F Quadrant delivers high efficiency savings

Located at Ravenhill Road, Nazareth House Care Village is a 70-capacity care home accommodation facility set within its own spacious grounds.

As with many care homes, heating demands are 24/7 at Nazareth House but, following an energy audit, Geoff Castles Boiler Services was asked to put forward ideas on how to cut the home’s spiralling fuel costs.

The system at that time included a cascade system consisting of 12 108kw atmospheric boilers but this has now been replaced with just two Unical Modulex 660kW gas condensing boilers from C&F Quadrant.

“Our goal was to introduce a more energy efficient heating system and we were delighted to again be working alongside the team at C&F Quadrant to identify the best options,” explained Michael Crymble of Geoff Castles Boiler Services.

“Heat is essential aspect of a care home and we were asked to ensure this wasn’t interrupted, so one of the main challenges we faced during the installation was to keep everything up and running. C&F Quadrant worked closely with us to make sure the new boilers were delivered on schedule, which allowed us to meet these demands.”

The installation of the new Unical boilers has already created a substantial change in heating bills at Nazareth House.

Michael Clarke, Technical Manager at C&F Quadrant, explained, “The system has only been in a place for a matter of months, but the early feedback on fuel savings has already been very good.

“Our energy team will continue to monitor the running costs and we expect to deliver on the promised savings.”

He added, “At the moment, there is a real focus on energy efficiency as more companies and facilities such as care homes look to cut their fuel bills and we continue to prove that our product range can make a significant difference.”

The two Unical Modulex boilers – each 660kW with both casings including six multi-burners – are fuelled by natural gas provide full modulation between 22kW to 1,320kW.

This project continues C&F Quadrant’s successful partnership with Unical that perfectly balances a quality product range with industry-leading experience.

C&F Quadrant is Unical’s sole distributor in Ireland, with the company distributing the leading Italian manufacturer’s proven range of commercial boilers in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

Unical’s range has already been proven across Europe, USA and America in some of the harshest environments, including Siberia.