Claim your £250 heat pump installer bonus

Floortherm has introduced a brand-new incentive scheme for installers, offering a £250 bonus for every Daikin Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP) installed on Northern Ireland self-build projects. 

This scheme, designed to support renewable heating systems and enhance energy efficiency, offers a great opportunity for skilled installers.

How the scheme works

You’ll find the full T&Cs on Daikin’s website, but here’s an overview:

• Installers receive a £250 bonus for each Daikin ASHP fitted and registered on Stand By Me.
• To be eligible, include the SAP report and submit it to Floortherm.
• You can claim the £250 payment when you file a claim with Daikin.
• Optionally, you can pass all or part of this bonus on to your customers.
• The scheme is valid for all Daikin Air Source Heat Pumps installed and registered on Stand By Me between September 1, 2023, and March 31, 2024, as part of any self-build project.

This enticing offer is part of Daikin’s commitment to equip installers with the tools they need to work on the next generation of renewable heating systems and energy-efficient heat pumps. Daikin is also investing heavily to generate leads for its installers, providing a wealth of opportunities for those in the field.

Floortherm is one of the largest distributors of underfloor heating and renewable systems to the trade in Ireland and is committed to delivering fully designed, energy-efficient products and systems to installers, merchants, contractors and self-builders.

Don’t miss out on this fantastic chance to earn a £250 Installer Bonus and join the renewable heating revolution with Daikin.

The benefits of working with Daikin & Floortherm:

If you’ve not installed one of Daikin’s air source heat pumps before, you’ll also be eligible for:
• Free local heat pump training
• Next day delivery services to site
• In-house system design
• Pre-sales & after-sales technical support
• Warranty and service calls provided by Floortherm’s fully registered Daikin service engineers
• Commissioning support on all installations
• End-user warranties for homeowners

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