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This range includes Calflow Plus – a combined isolation, filter and flow regulation valve – and flow regulators, which are proprietary flow regulators mounted in brass housing for ease of install.
The Calflow Plus flow regulating ball valve features a ball isolating valve, strainer and flow regulating valve, combined into one valve body to save assembly time and space.
Flow regulation is achieved by pre-selecting the appropriate flow cartridge to maintain a constant flow of water to a tap, mixer, shower or thermostatic mixing valve. By pre-selecting the flow cartridge to match the desired flow from the outlet, savings in water consumption are easily achieved.

Amongst the many benefits of the Calflow Plus when used in hot, cold and mixed water supply pipes is the ease of isolation of outlet fittings, either to carry out future maintenance or when the strainer element requires cleaning.
The generously proportioned strainer element collects debris without continually becoming clogged and restricting the water supply, while the automatic flow cartridge allows a continuous and constant flow of water at the desired flow rate and prevents overflow from occurring. The flow cartridge is also easily replaced.
The body of the Caflow Plus is constructed from brass, with the compression ends complying with BS EN 1254-2. The cartridge is made of high-resistance polymer to withstand a wide range of temperatures while the strainer screen is manufactured from 316 austenitic stainless steel.
Other features include a ball valve with PTFE seals for reliable isolation, a hard chrome-plated ball for increased wear resistance, and nitrile rubber ‘O’ ring seals.
By selecting the appropriate cartridge, significant savings in water consumption can be achieved. Additional savings can also be made when the appropriate cartridge is used in conjunction with timed or electronic taps, controllers and showers.

The Calflow Plus is very simple to install with just two compression joints to make.
The flow through the valve must follow the direction of the arrow on the valve body, and the valve should be installed with the ball valve lever uppermost, for maximum efficiency of the strainer.
Sufficient clearance must be allowed for the removal of the strainer cap (20mm A/F) and removal of the strainer element for cleaning. The only recommended maintenance is that periodically the strainer element is removed and cleaned.
Altecnic’s products have been designed and manufactured to meet the industry standards of best practice and the requirements of BREEAM, the Water Technology List and the Water Efficient Product Labelling scheme.

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