Meet Max – the latest recruit at Copper Industries

“We are delighted to introduce the newest member of the Copper Industries team, Max,” said Jayne Scullion, Marketing Manager, Copper Industries. “Our consumer and trade research has shown that the many messages we have to communicate to plumbers, sales representatives and consumers are best delivered through different ‘vehicles.

“Max is a multi-faceted character who will be able to communicate these messages whilst taking on the character of the target audience, offering a consistent brand representative that includes all elements of our business, from research and development to end users.

“Max will offer a fun and interactive way for Copper Industries to communicate directly with our customers and educate users on our wide range of bespoke copper cylinders.”

Jayne added, “Creating Max has been an exciting process for us and one which has certainly taken us out of our comfort zone, but we believe this break from the norm will help reinforce our position as a forward thinking manufacturer which continually looks at ways to improve communications

with our customers.”

In addition to appearing in Copper Industries’ newest print advertisements, Max will come to life in a series of web-based videos where he will take on different personas to communicate efficiently and offer useful explanations and advice to trades and consumers.

Entering the roles of ‘the technician,’ who will offer insight on the technology behind Copper Industries’ copper cylinders; ‘the salesman,’ who will advise and give guidance to the Copper Industries all-Ireland sales team; ‘consumer Max,’ who will speak directly to end-users; and ‘Plumber Max,’ who will cover all topics relevant to plumbers and installers who are fitting the brand’s unique copper cylinders, the many personas of Max will help to ensure that information is tailored for his audiences.

Helping Copper Industries move into a 24/7 approach to customer service, Max will also be on-site to offer key advice to existing and potential customers when it is convenient for them.

“With more and more of our customers opting to do their research online before committing to buy a new copper cylinder, Max will offer a boost to our website, providing essential information to potential customers even outside of office hours,” added Jayne.

“We look forward to Max working as an extension of our experienced Copper Industries team to ensure that all customers are catered for – whether they make contact on the phone, through plumbers’ merchants, or online through our website or social media.”

For more information on Copper Industries’ full range of bespoke WRAS-certified and ERP compliant copper cylinders and to meet Max, visit or ‘Like’ Copper Industries on