Cork University Hospital

High standards of workmanship and technical know-how by Winthrop Engineering made for a top job at CUH...

Winthrop Engineering has extensive experience in the healthcare sector, having worked across a plethora of large, technically complex healthcare projects across the country. When it came to Cork University Hospital and the construction of the Radiation Oncology Centre along with associated works, the team at Winthrop was unfazed by the scope of the works or by the challenges that cropped up during the build.

The new Radiation Oncology Centre is a multi-storey building of approximately 8,900m2. An impressive facility, it incorporates seven ‘concrete bunkers’ for radiotherapy treatment, two of which have remained shelled out (apart from temporary works).

The €8 million package of works also included a brachytherapy suite with High Dose Radiation (HDR) theatre, a shelled-out MRI suite and two CT scanner suites. Spaces for on-treatment support, technical, administration, consultant and clinical training were also provided by Winthrop Engineering, allowing for the full operation of the facility. A link to the existing hospital also had to be created, while the brief also called for substantial plant rooms. Winthrop Engineering installed a significant number of systems at the new Radiation Oncology Centre. Amongst these were a nurse call, fire alarm, general and emergency lighting including a static inverter system, along with IPS and UPS. Various pieces of medical equipment were also specified, including a UCV canopy, pendants, BHT, exam lights, TCP and PACS.

Winthrop Engineering was also responsible for the modular wiring for the general services element of the project. According to Padraig O’Mahony, Contracts Manager at Winthrop Engineering, modular wiring was selected due to the specific needs of the new building.

“This was the first time this particular system had been used on the CUH campus and indeed the first time it had been installed in an Irish hospital. It worked extremely well for us and was the ideal choice for the Radiation Oncology Centre.”

The modular wiring system also proved useful when it came to meeting the extremely tight schedule that all teams involved on the project were working to. Padraig expects the system will be utilised on Winthrop projects in the future.

“Due to the current shortage of labour, we’ll be using it for several jobs going forward. Anything that decreases the number of workers required on site or that can be fabricated offsite is preferable right now.”

Although Winthrop Engineering is well used to working on healthcare facilities, this was still a project that required rigorous attention to detail and close monitoring to ensure each element was completed to the highest quality. The fact that Winthrop has been working on projects at Cork University Hospital for over a decade also stood the company in good stead.

“We have an excellent relationship with CUH and we’re keen to ensure that continues. With every project we undertake at CUH and indeed for every client, we ensure we use only the highest quality products. We have a 12 months defects policy on our products so we’re happy to stand over any equipment we install. We’re very familiar with CUH’s requirements and so we want to meet and indeed exceed those requirements.”

Winthrop Engineering was also responsible for installing the air conditioner element at CUH, along with ventilation, LPHW heating, the MV and transformer, the pneumatic tubing transfer system and the domestic water system including Anti Legionella controls.

A live hospital environment required Padraig and the Winthrop team to take a more considered approach to building works. Dust was a major issue and had to be kept to a minimum throughout the process. “We were lucky in that the new unit is a stand-alone building and isn’t attached to the existing hospital but, at the same time, we had to be mindful that we were surrounded by vulnerable patients. Some of the cancer treatment areas were in adjacent buildings to us so we had to be very careful about potential Aspergillus. Any dust or dirt that was raised had to be monitored.”

By adopting stringent health and safety standards and liaising with the hospital at every step of the way, Padraig was able to ensure other parts of the hospital weren’t affected by the building works. The new Radiation Oncology Centre is an excellent addition to Winthrop’s already impressive portfolio. “We were delighted to be involved in this project and to continue our excellent relationship with Cork University Hospital,” said Padraig.

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Isover Fibreglass was used for the ducting while Paroc Mineral wool was used for the pipework. Thanks to years of experience on similar projects, John and the team were well placed to complete the job to the highest standard. “The timeframes on this project were very tight so ensuring that we delivered the job on time was a challenge. It was a team effort on site and that approach ensured we met the deadline,” said John Naughton, Managing Director at Industrial Insulation Specialists.

When it comes to insulation, IIS provides a wide range of services and products including Mineral Rockwool, Heat Resistant insulation, Cellular Glass insulation, Armaflex, Phenolic Insulation and Cellular Glass insulation. Operating since 2010, Industrial Insulation Specialists Ltd is an established contracting company specialising in the fabrication and installation of insulation and cladding for markets across Ireland and indeed the world. The company has grown rapidly over the past few years and that success is down to a commitment to delivering the highest levels of workmanship.

Customer service is also key; John and the team strive to ensure all clients are satisfied with the service they receive. Over 90% of our workforce has been with the company from the start. All IIS employees are trained and work to the highest standards and they always maintain a high level of safety on site at all times,” said John.

IIS provides engineering expertise, design, supply and installation services on a full range of thermal and acoustic insulation systems complete with various insulation cladding systems on vessels, boilers, tanks, pipe-work, fittings and ductwork for both high and low temperature applications. These services are supported by a reliable in-house insulation manufacturing facility and cladding fabrication workshops. The company’s head office, workshop and storage facility is based in Cork with additional offices and workshop facilities in Dublin.

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Thanks to its experience across a range of healthcare projects in Ireland, Hevac’s specialist expertise was called upon for the new Radiation Oncology Centre at Cork University Hospital. The company supplied two De Dietrich C330- 430 ECO, 84 to 425 kW natural gas condensing boilers for hot water central heating and DHW production to the project, via two 1500ltr BoilerNova calorifiers.

De Dietrich boilers were the ideal choice for this project. The C330 range consists of high performance, modulating condensing natural gas boilers with an annual operating efficiency of >109%. According to Hevac Ltd, these efficiencies are achieved by utilising the De Dietrich Diematic control for optimum combustion quality over the entire power range, which works by maintaining a constant air/gas ratio through the venturi system that regulates the modulation from 18-100%. The C330 also features an aluminium/silicium cast heat exchanger. Thanks to its large surface area and excellent terminal conductivity, it allows fast adaptation to the heating demands. Aluminium/silicium is also highly resistant to corrosion and has self-cleaning properties linked to the flow of condensates.

For a back-up heat source at the new centre, Hevac Ltd also supplied one De Dietrich GT530- 15, 870 kW cast iron sectional boiler, fired with a Riello RL100 modulating oil burner. The heating body on the GT530 boilers is eutectic cast iron which is highly resistant to corrosion, with low temperature operation modulated to 40°C.

With a 4-Pass combustion process, this allows for low losses in the flue gas compared to traditional pressurised boilers. The front section increases the heat exchange surface in the combustion chamber and reduces NOx emissions.

Hevac’s commitment to customer service ensured a top job on the CUH project. Hevac Ltd is well known for its diverse product portfolio and for the quality of its products from the market-leading brands the company represented.

The company has been supplying high quality De Dietrich products for several years and is the exclusive distributor for the brand in Ireland. A symbol of quality since 1778, De Dietrich is committed to the development of Sustainable Comfort, the objective of which is to create innovative heating systems that consume less energy and preserve the environment.

Over the years, Hevac has forged a very strong relationship with the company, thereby making a wealth of innovative products and technology available on the Irish market. The company runs regular in-house training seminars for both installers and consultants and also takes them to the De Dietrich Training School in Mertzwiller, France.

The objective is to enhance their general boiler knowledge and skills but, more specifically, to improve their understanding of condensing systems, condensing applications and water treatment for condensing boilers.

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The company recently completed an installation for the new Radiation Oncology unit at Cork University Hospital with Winthrop Engineering. The complex project consisted of a pump-house and fixed speed pump set in the main tank compound to deliver the fuel automatically to the plant room to run the heating system as a back-up to the main gas installation. Premier Energy Storage supplied a high quality system with automated fuel dump and pressure relief systems tied into the fire system.

The new Radiation Oncology Centre at Cork University Hospital is a multi-storey building of approximately 8,900m2. It consists of seven ‘concrete bunkers’ for radiotherapy treatment, along with a brachytherapy suite with High Dose Radiation (HDR) theatre, a shelled out MRI suite and two CT scanner suits. Spaces for on-treatment support, technical, administration, consultant and clinical training were also provided for by the M&E contractor.

This was a project that required rigorous attention to detail from all teams involved. Premier Energy Storage Ltd is well used to working on sensitive healthcare projects that require a more considered approach than other projects. With the new Radiation Oncology unit at CUH, the emphasis was on high quality workmanship, efficiency and a determination to meet the right deadline.

An excellent working relationship with Winthrop Engineering ensured the job ran smoothly and also helped the team at Premier Energy Storage to meet the tight deadline. With over 25 years of experience, the company’s staff has the capabilities and expertise to take businesses to the next level. Jonathan Heasley and the rest of the team combine their insights and skills to transform your processes and strategies and in turn, your company.

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SAS International products were designed, supplied and installed in both the Oncology and Paediatric departments at Cork University Hospital. In 2016 SAS International delivered SAS radiant heating panels in the Paediatric department of the hospital.

The system had initially been designed for a standard installation, however SAS adapted the design of this product to resolve overcrowding within the ceiling void.

Last year Winthrop Engineering worked in partnership with SAS International to deliver SAS radiant heating panels to the Oncology departments. SAS radiant heating panels offer an energy efficient, low maintenance and fully recyclable solution to the projects heating requirements. These Radiant Panels are durable and visually indistinguishable from a standard aluminium ceiling panel. Using water as the heat transfer medium, heat is radiated into occupied space as water flows through the system. Through this, excellent thermal comfort is achieved for the occupants due to low air movement.

For Cork University Hospital, SAS International worked in collaboration with Ceiling & Allied to supply SAS150 and SAS205 suspended ceilings. Ideally suited to areas requiring frequent maintenance, or zones with high footfall, SAS150 was chosen as a secure, easy to maintain ceiling with convenient, hinge down access to the ceiling void. Additionally, the SAS205, designed specifically for corridor applications is ideal for areas requiring regular maintenance, such as hospitals and hotels.

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As a vital component of this project, NSP Laboratory Services was tasked with providing the new Radiation Oncology Unit at Cork University Hospital with a radioisotope fume hood. The specialist firm was approached by Winthrop Engineering in early 2018 to source and provide a product that would aid cancer research.

“The challenge was constructing a suitable frame around the cabinet that would support 50ml of lead,” reports Thomas Delaney, Technical Sales Manager at NSP.

“Where other suppliers were reluctant to take on the project, NSP came up with the idea of fitting external shielding around the fume cupboard. We installed a standard radioisotope fume hood, constructed a suitable frame and wrapped it with 50ml of lead weighing approximately eight and a half tonnes”.

The frame allows end users access to the hood as it can be moved in and out of position. This also proves convenient in the event of future maintenance works or in the event of the unit being relocated to a new position. “It was a significant project and one that few firms would have the expertise to undertake.”

“The Radiation Oncology unit at Cork University Hospital is a unique project for NSP’s portfolio and one we’re extremely proud of”.

“We thoroughly enjoyed working with Winthrop Engineering on this project and look forward to continuing that relationship on future projects.”

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