CPD approval for Altecnic

Altecnic’s Robokit sealed system solution make life easier for installers by eliminating the feed and expansion tank and associated pipework, which also reduces any risk of corrosion and noise in the system. Altecnic’s CPD certification is valid until May 2019 and its presentation covers sealed primary central heating systems which are the most commonly used form of heating system throughout Europe and the rest of the developed world.

Sealed central heating systems should not be confused with unvented mains pressure hot water systems, which apply only to the secondary hot water supply side of a combined heating and hot water system. From an installer’s viewpoint, therefore, there is no requirement to be registered or to notify any authority when fitting a sealed primary heating system, eliminating the feed and expansion tank and associated pipework, and thus reducing the risk of corrosion and noise in the system.

Advantages of a sealed heating system include:

  • System flexibility due to component siting alternatives.
  • Cost savings due to considerably reduced installation time.
  • No feed and expansion tank, hence avoiding over pumping problems, risk of freezing up and other issues.
  • Longer life due to virtual elimination of corrosion problems.
  • Noise reduction due to higher system pressure. Boiler noise (localised boiling) is significantly reduced or eliminated.
  • Low maintenance costs because equipment is virtually maintenance free, other than for periodic operational checks.

Gary Perry, Altecnic’s OEM Sales & Technical Director, said, “We are delighted to extend our range of CPD presentations certified by CIBSE. This underlines the standards that we operate to when developing and supplying sealed heating systems which make them easy to specify and install. From a simple renovation to a full heating system upgrade to new-build commercial projects, Altecnic products are tried, tested and trusted by installers nationwide.”

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