A decade of success for CTS Projects

In a relatively short space of time, the company has grown from a one-man operation to an award-winning industry leader.

Connaire McGreevy, Managing Director of CTS Projects, with some of his staff.

When current Managing Director, Connaire McGreevy, established CTS Projects in August 2006 his initial focus was on the renewables market. However, the company has continued to diversify into new areas, making the most of new opportunities.

“At present, we are probably best described as a facilities management company,” explained Connaire. “We work extensively in the plumbing and heating sector and in all trades services as part of our building maintenance package.

“We also have a development division that includes land acquisition as well as the construction of social housing and commercial projects. This has proved difficult in recent years but we’re set to start our first development in the coming months.”

This all points to positive times for the company and, if past history is anything to go by, then that will continue.

When the renewables sector started to dwindle, CTS Projects focused on building maintenance, and the award of a contract for Dungannon District Housing Association not only gave the company the early boost it needed but also started a long-term relationship with the social housing sector that remains central to its success.

The award of a similar contract in 2010 boosted the plumbing and heating side of the company and, from there, CTS Projects hasn’t looked back. In fact, unless it is to learn how to improve the company’s service, looking back is not really something that CTS Projects does.

“We have come through a couple of recessions and there is no doubt that it has been tough but I always believed in the business and that our partnership approach would be a success,” Connaire added. “Our ethos is all about partnership and we feel we are in the ideal position to listen to landlords and customers as well as manufacturers and suppliers to find the best possible solutions.”

The company’s partnership approach is clear when you look at the 100-plus staff now employed by CTS Projects.

“I believe that any company is only as good as its staff. We’re always trying to improve every aspect of our business and much of that starts with staff training. That’s our foundation for every aspect of the business.”

For more information on CTS Projects, telephone (NI) 028 4175 2299 or (RoI) 048 4175 2299 or visit www.ctsprojects.net

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