Design so good it’s SCANDI-LOUS

Bassetts has everything you need to create the coolest trend in bathroom style...

The genius is in its simplicity. Scandinavian design has long been famed for its clean lines, beauty and ability to maximise functionality. And these design mantras have found their way into every room in the house. However, it is in the bathroom that there has been a surge in demand as people seek to create a simple oasis of calm.

White is often the dominant colour with tiling and painting creating a blank canvas for the bathroom products and furniture to take centre stage and give you that complete Scandinavian look or just a nod to the biggest trend in bathroom style at the minute. An important element of Scandinavian design is maximising natural light, whether that is through the use of large windows, bathroom mirrors or the finish on products. Bassetts stock Scandinavian- inspired ranges from companies such as Salgar, Catalano and their own range of bathroom furniture, Bassetts Living, which will help you completely transform your bathroom space.

The clean lines and functionality of the Bassetts Living range are classically Scandinavian while Salgar’s Nuevo, Compakt and Uniiq range tick all the design boxes when it comes to providing de- cluttered space with sleek, beautiful lines.

“At Bassetts, we always strive to embrace future trends and be the first to bring them to the Northern Ireland market,” said Bassetts Retail Sales Manager, Martin Strutt.

“The Scandi bathroom trend will be very influential for the next five years, and we will continually work with innovative brands.”

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