Introducing the Easi Pump In Line Micro Booster Pump Kit

The Easi Pump In Line Micro Booster Pump Kit is an award-winning, patented and highly innovative product. It was invented by Englishman Alan Wright and is celebrated for its power versus size properties, winning Best Water Innovation Award by Imperial College, London, in 2012.

Designed as a retrofit booster kit, it uses safe 12-volt brushless motors, which are highly efficient, fully waterproof and include low friction long-life bearings. It is highly efficient when pumping volumes of water of up to 6.5 litres per minute, which is sufficient for a good shower or basin flow.

The kit, which comprises of two pumps, will adjust its flow rates according to needs and can, depending on circumstances, pump up to 9 litres a minute for a rain shower and bath taps which offer little resistance to flow.

The Easi Pump In Line Micro Booster Pump Kit may be used in place of traditional shower booster pumps and similar devices. By comparison, it features many advantages, as it is more economical, less bulky and significantly less noisy. It may also be used to boost water pressure and flow rates to individual bathrooms.

It is fully automatic and can be fitted ‘in line’ to standard hot and cold water supplies without the need for dedicated cylinder and tank connections. When fitted in accordance with the installation instructions, the pumps will not draw air.

The Shower Power Booster has been installed in thousands of homes across the UK and beyond since 2012 with close to 100% customer satisfaction.

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