Every day’s a school day!

At least it is according to the old saying, and there’s no exception for heating and plumbing engineers. Products and techniques are changing all the time, as is legislation, and it’s good to keep abreast of it all - as Steve Owen, National Training Manager at Baxi Heating, explains...

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When you work on the tools, learning is not just about sitting in a classroom. It’s about getting your hands on the products in a safe, well equipped environment, under the guidance of experts, who, like you, understand what it’s like at the coal face.

If you’ve ever attended a boiler breakdown, and been faced with a situation you haven’t seen before, it can be a real challenge. However, the knowledge gained from attending a good quality training session can give you the confidence to step back for a moment, assess the situation and take a logical approach to diagnosing the issue.

Training is also about inspiring young people. My favourite moment during a training course is that ‘lightbulb’ moment, when something suddenly clicks into place and the trainee ‘gets it’.

You know you have taught them something that will stay with them for the rest of their working life! Training isn’t just about learning all the ins and outs of a boiler; it’s about getting to grips with the latest legislation and industry requirements. We know that there isn’t always time for reading up on this important part of an installer’s business, so we make sure our training courses include an overview on legislation and time for delegates to ask questions.

We understand that taking a day out of a busy work schedule for training has to be really worthwhile, and we want you to leave feeling you’ve gained valuable knowledge. We also found out from surveying delegates, that they want practical sessions, where they can get their hands on boilers and components, rather than sit in front of a PowerPoint presentation in a classroom. So, all our courses are designed so the installer spends as much time in front of a boiler as possible.

Our experienced trainers have all been heating engineers and are fully qualified. They will show you lots of hints, tips, and diagnostics to help you install, commission, service and repair products. Our boiler training days are free of charge and easy to book through our website . If you let us know what you are particularly interested in, we can tailor your training day to suit your requirements, so you can make the most of your time with us.

We have live products for delegates work on, in a safe environment, and one of our experienced trainers is always on hand to help. Any classroom theory is kept to a minimum and is essential to support the course’s practical elements. We will also give you up to date information on ErP and other legislation.

Although our courses run for a full day, we understand that installers have businesses to run, so we factor in breaks when they can make calls and take care of their customers.

Whether they’re an old hand or new to the job, our aim is for delegates on our training courses to gain the skills, know-how and confidence to do a good job even better. And hopefully take away a few of those ‘lightbulb’ moments that will stay with them throughout their career!

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