Introducing the Fernox TF1 Omega Filter

Magnetic filtration devices are widely accepted as a vital piece of equipment for keeping central heating systems clean and energy efficient, whilst protecting the boiler from the damaging effects of circulating debris.

The latest innovation to hit the market is the new Fernox TF1 Omega Filter and, according to Fernox, it’s a game-changer. Precision engineered, the filter offers a superior collection and exemplary corrosion retention capability, making it a must-have product for installers looking to achieve the best possible results.

As a global water treatment manufacturer, Fernox has an unparalleled history of bringing pioneering innovations to market. The TF1 Omega Filter is the company’s most recent launch, and one that expands the already award-winning TF1 range. Specifically designed for domestic heating systems, it is the result of extensive research and development, offering installers a high-quality, brass, in-line system filter.

This groundbreaking, forged brass construction filter utilises the strength of a powerful Neodymium magnet with Hydronic Particle Separation (HPS) technology. The unique filter design optimises flow trajectories and causes particles to settle at the bottom of the filter. As a result, the Fernox TF1 Omega Filter is capable of capturing superior levels of magnetic and non-magnetic system debris – protecting the boiler and helping the system to work effectively.

The Fernox TF1 Omega Filter offers real flexibility when it comes to installation. The filter is suitable for both new and existing systems and can be fitted onto 22mm or 28mm pipework, with the option to also fit horizontally or vertically in both flow directions. The device can even be positioned at a 45° angle, making it easy to install – even in confined or awkward spaces. There is also the option of installing the product with quality valves or slip socket connection, depending upon installer preference.

Cleaning the filter is also straightforward and hassle-free as it can be undertaken in situ with no need to dismantle the unit when extracting dirt collected by the filter, saving time on site.

The Fernox TF1 Omega Filter provides an easy dosing point for chemical water treatments. The system can be dosed in just 30 seconds using the Fernox Express range. This includes the new Fernox Filter Fluid+ Protector Express, which is the first of its kind, and the only chemical water treatment on the market that actually aids the delivery of system debris to a filter. Designed to be permanently left within the system, this unique inhibitor package safeguards against the formation of corrosion and scale in mixed metal systems to stop the frequent venting of radiators, boiler noise and radiator cold spots. Fernox Filter Fluid+ Protector is suitable for use with all types of boilers, radiators and heating systems, including underfloor heating systems.

In situations where powerflushing is not practical, a combination of an inline system filter and Filter Fluid+ Protector Express can provide a viable alternative. It is ideal for use with heating systems that have become lightly sludged over time due to inhibitor levels not being correctly maintained. It also provides a solution where poor system design or low flow rates mean that thorough cleaning is difficult to achieve, or for contaminated heating systems that need to operate around the clock, by deferring any system maintenance until the planned service.

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