Finding a filter that fits

Chris Reilly, Country Manager for Ireland, Altecnic, tells us about their latest space saving solutions...

Dirtmag Mini Filter: 114-1020

Over the last decade the average size of new build homes has steadily decreased as developers look to get more from their building plots. This has had a knock on effect for the plumbing and heating industry as manufacturers work to develop increasingly efficient, space saving solutions to make plumbers installations easier.

A number of new products have been developed and enhanced to accommodate working in ever tighter spaces and to help address the changes in how heating systems are designed. The Altecnic ALT- ST0035 remote boiler filling loop and our Robokit CompactTM ranges are examples of this innovation – products designed to improve system monitoring and ease of install.

The latest space saving solution from Altecnic is the ultra-compact Dirtmag MiniTM filter. Despite its compact size it does not compromise on features, performance or versatility. Suitable for under boiler installation the filter includes a high performance 13,000 gauss internal removable magnet and fully rotational body.

The Dirtmag MiniTM has been specifically designed for flexible installation including a quick fit system and interchangeable compression connections for horizontal, vertical or angled installation. A unique self-cleaning function allows installers to drain debris from the system without opening the filter body and the full bore isolation valves ensure ease of servicing.

The Dirtmag MiniTM comes packaged as a single unit or as part of a compliance pack which includes the new FAST high performance cleaner & maximum protection inhibitor aerosol canisters.

Dirtmag Compliance Pack: 114-1050

For more information, contact Chris Reilly, Country Manager for Ireland, on 00353 (0)85 2152288 or e-mail or Gary Swann, Northern Ireland Sales Manager on 07760 596727 or e-mail or visit the website at