Firebird takes efficiency to new heights

Firebird is leading the way with its cutting edge Blue Flame technology, which has been utilised to develop the most efficient range of domestic condensing oil boilers in Europe. The Firebird Blue Supreme range not only offers unbeatable performance, but also exceeds the stringent ErP legislation requirements to reduce NOx emissions which come into force from September 2018. Available in two fixed outputs of 20kW and 26kW, the Blue Supreme range offers affordable Blue Flame technology for the professional heating engineer.

The range also incorporates the very latest German Blue Flame technology and utilises a patented, pioneering heat recovery system. The product’s efficiency is made possible by way of a third heat exchanger, which extracts more energy from the combustion gases. This is achieved by recycling and re-using lost heat to pre-warm the air for the ignition of the Blue Flame. In addition, the clean-burning Blue Flame also facilitates totally soot-free combustion.

Featuring multiple tapping points and multi-directional flue options for ease of installation, all Firebird Blue Supreme boilers come with a free five-year warranty as standard. Providing a low-maintenance option due to the long life of serviceable components, Firebird Blue Supreme boilers are available in a range of Utility, Popular and External Heatpac models. The range offers customers the benefit of even greater fuel efficiency and a significant saving on annual heating costs, when compared with conventional boilers. An Anti-Short Cycle feature is also included across the range to afford further fuel savings.

Firebird offers extensive training on all its products at its factory in Co Cork. Training courses can also be arranged at the company’s offices in Forkhill, Co Armagh, or at the METAC training centre in Mountrath, Co Laois. All training programmes involve hands-on demonstrations of Firebird products, as well as practical advice on installation, commissioning, service and repair. Courses are currently available on condensing oil boilers, solar thermal systems, multi-fuel inset stoves (back boiler and dry), biomass boilers, and solid-fuel heat exchanger. A new training scheme, where a trainer from Firebird meets the installer on site for individual commissioning training, is also now available ((e-mail for more information). This scheme includes full set-up and commissioning, flue gas analysis, nozzle, burner and stats, information, fuel storage and delivery, flue options and plume advice.

Firebird is committed to the ongoing development of innovative heating products. Alongside its range of condensing oil boilers, the company has a wide range of products including stoves, solar thermal systems, range cookers and biomass boilers. For more than 30 years, Firebird has focused on giving its customers the best savings possible in efficiencies, developing the most eco-friendly products and providing installation advice and guidelines to help customers save even more money.

For more information telephone (R0I) 026 45 253 or (NI): 028 3088 8330; e-mail or visit