Flamefast – setting new standards in gas safety

For over 40 years, Flamefast has been manufacturing and supplying high quality, cost effective gas safety solutions and the new range includes a number of features to make life easier for installers and end-users.

C&F Quadrant is a distributor of Flamefast and the company has already supplied and commissioned a number of products from the new range. Included within the new range are:

BoilerGuard – The BoilerGuard is a low cost complete plant room safety system providing a central interface for all common safety systems such as fire alarms, thermal links and gas sensors. With the option to include gas pressure proving, this can also be used when flame failure devices are not fitted. Any combination of sensors from the FGS range can be connected by simply wiring in parallel, which cuts down on installation costs. The communication interface allows all sensor information to be displayed on the panel – this includes gas type, concentration, status, alarms and calibration data. The relay outputs allow the unit to be connected to external systems or alarm beacons and the latching facility, combined with the additional device interfaces, offer the flexibility to cover any application.

Gasguard – The GasGuard gas proving system is designed to meet the requirements of IGEM/ UP/11 Edition 2 for educational establishments and is a BS6173:2009 and IGEM/UP/19 compliant ventilation interlock. The GasGuard is ideal for when appliances are not fitted with flame failure devices, or can be used to provide additional peace of mind when they are. With a backlit LCD, the GasGuard will provide a clear indication of any issues with external devices such as ventilation systems, and will provide details of gas pressures and gas sensor levels.

Michael Clarke, C&F Quadrant, said, “The Flamefast name is respected for its reliability and the improvements to the product range have set new standards in gas safety. The feedback from installers and users of the new range has been really positive, particularly regarding the clarity of the information provided by the LCD.

“With Flamefast offering a complete packaged solution for every application, including CO2 monitoring, we are looking forward to further success and growth with a new market leading range of products.”


– Clear LCD indication
– 24VDC auxiliary power output to power 4-6 Flamefast gas sensors, dependant on sensor type.
– 5-year warranty
– UK manufactured

The BoilerGuard also offers:
– Connection with up to 16 gas sensors
– Proving or non-proving selectable
– Auto-reset following power failure
– Fire alarm test bypass timer
– Sensor calibration reminder
– Alarm 1, Alarm 2 and Fault relays
– Selectable relay latching function

The GasGuard also offers:
– Annual service reminder
– Interfaces for gas sensors, CO2 sensors, ventilation systems and remote emergency stop buttons
– System status button to aid with fault finding
– High accuracy pressure transmitter

For more information on the Flamefast range, contact C&F Quadrant on (NI) 028 9036 5555 or e-mail michaelc@cfquadrant.com