Fondital Radiators: 50 years of quality and innovation

Europe’s leading manufacturer of aluminium die-cast radiators...

Fondital Headquarters.

Founded in 1970, the Italian firm Fondital still runs as a family-owned company and is leading the way in innovating the aluminium die-cast radiator market.

Aluminium radiators are ideal for low temperature heating systems and works perfectly in combination with heat pumps and condensing boilers, achieving optimal performances, reducing energy costs and ensuring a low impact on the environment.

Aluminium, in comparison to other materials such as steel or cast iron, provides higher performances, reducing energy consumption and heat dispersion thanks to the low thermal inertia distinctive of this metal that makes it a great heat conductor.

Thermal inertia affects the time a radiator needs to transfer the heat from the hot water inside of it to the room; based on the material, water content, weight and thickness of the radiating element, thermal inertia can be defined as low or high.

Heating a home through a system with low thermal inertia, allows to cut costs starting from the installation throughout the entire life cycle of the heating system; When building the heating system, the low water content and higher power-to-weight ratio of aluminium radiators alongside its compact size, makes handling and installing the radiators easier than it ever was, reducing working hours and significantly cutting costs.

Blitz Super B4 die-cast radiator.

The kind of aluminium used to make the radiators is also worth mentioning. In fact, Fondital only uses recycled aluminium for its products.

Recycled aluminium is a virtuous material: it can be endlessly recycled without losing any of its properties. Compared to the production of primary aluminium, producing recycled aluminium cuts 92% of CO2 emissions, and requires 95% less energy. This way it is possible to offer a high-quality product that is also environmentally friendly.

Fondital radiators are manufactured using cutting edge technology and carry many innovative and patented features such as the lateral fins, the head design and the rear openings of the radiator that enable a far better air circulation and heat transfer, or the revolutionary thermo-electrically joint cap.

Through this electrofusion welding process, the cap and the radiator become a single solid aluminium piece, preventing corrosion and increasing the durability of the heating system.
Unlike many others, all Fondital’s radiators undergo a standard double painting process, by anaphoresis and epoxy powder, giving them a bolder look and preserving their finish through the years.

Fondital offers a wide range of die-cast and extruded aluminium radiators available in several finishes and colours, covering any need you might have for your project.

Fondital’s patented thermoelectric join vs. Traditional welding.

“Fondital radiators are manufactured using cutting edge technology.”

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