Grade A performance by C&F Quadrant

Working with the contractor, LM Services NI Ltd, the project involved the replacement of a series of cast iron, standard efficiency boilers
and replacing them with three full condensing Unical Modulex gas- fired boilers.

The work also saw two ATC Heatmaster 120TC water heaters installed to meet the extensive requirements of this modern school. “We’ve started to do quite a bit of work with LM Services and this was another superb project,” explained Michael Clarke, Technical Services Manager at C&F Quadrant. “Schools are becoming a lot more aware of the benefits of upgrading their heating and hot water systems to make them more efficient and this is another perfect example of this.”

The project is also another perfect example of the growing success of Unical boilers in Northern Ireland. C&F Quadrant has an exclusive distribution agreement with the leading Italian manufacturer and as well as education projects such as Malone College, C&F Quadrant has been involved in Unical installations in a wide range of other sectors, including healthcare and leisure.

The proven Unical range delivers extremely high levels of efficiency which, in turn, provide lower running costs for the end user.

“At Malone College we installed three 440kW boilers in cascade. With deep modulation and a low acoustic impact, they offer high reliability through the multi-burner composition in one casing. They also have a compact size and various connection options, so that means they are perfect for an upgrade project such as this.”

C&F Quadrant’s relationship with Unical is mirrored by ATC – another quality manufacturer that delivers the highest standards.

“The ATC Heatmaster 120TC water heaters perfectly complement the Unical Modulex,” added Michael. “ Installer-friendly features are coupled with high performance. The ATC Heatmaster 120TC features a stainless steel heat exchanger, it condenses in heating and hot water mode to provide up to 99% efficiency using passive flue heat recovery technology while the high performance DHW delivers almost 2,000 litres of hot water in the first hour at 60oC.

The range also offers a high level of choice, with six outputs from 25kW to 120kW, meaning there is a HeatMaster TC boiler to suit almost every installation.

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