Grant’s HVO biofuel-compatible boiler range

The Award-winning manufacturer’s enviable product portfolio is a testament to Grant’s continuous drive in the heating industry towards a zero-carbon future…

Grant has been at the cutting edge of sustainable and innovative product development for over 45 years, and with an enviable diverse product portfolio, the leading heating technology manufacturer has largely transformed into a renewable heating company.

The Grant Vortex was one of the first condensing oil boilers on the market and this unique product was the catalyst for a sustained increase in boiler efficiencies throughout the industry and reduced running costs for homeowners. The higher efficiencies from these appliances have, over the past two decades, contributed to a reduction in carbon emissions on the island of Ireland amounting to millions of tonnes.

Grant Vortex utility 26kW model.

R&D breakthrough

In 2021 the company made a significant investment in a major R&D breakthrough when it innovated the award-winning Grant Vortex condensing boiler range to be HVO biofuel compatible, which will ultimately help to reduce carbon emissions in rural and hard-to-heat homes. The breakthrough will also help property owners from incurring the high cost and disruption associated with deep retrofitting when upgrading their home for their future heating needs. 

The use of 100% HVO can result in around 88% reduction in carbon emissions and using this fuel or a percentage blend of HVO with kerosene will enable rural and hard-to-heat properties to transition to a renewable green alternative from 100% kerosene at an affordable cost, with minimum disruption to everyday home lives.

While HVO is a relatively new fuel to Ireland, it is now great to see more HVO suppliers come to the island of Ireland, with a recent announcement of a new facility having just opened in County Cork by HVO biofuel ‘giant’, Green Biofuels.

Grant Vortex boiler house 46/70kW model.

Easy adaptation to HVO

For those upgrading a heating system, all Grant condensing boilers have been manufactured to use HVO by making a slight modification to the boiler, such as adapting the size of the fuel nozzle and fuel pump pressure. Older Grant condensing boilers can also be easily adapted to HVO, but this may require a new biofuel burner that is matched with the specific boiler.  

Since its launch, the HVO biofuel-compatible Grant Vortex range has been recognised by multiple award bodies for its ‘ahead of its time’ innovation. The company was awarded ‘Innovative Product of the Year’ at the NI Plumbing & Heating Awards 2022, ‘Best Renewable Energy Product’ at the SEAI Energy Show 2022 and was among the finalists in the sustainability category at the Irish Times Innovation Awards 2021.

The Grant Vortex and Euroflame boiler ranges are available to those in the plumbing and heating trade in twenty-two models with outputs from 15 – 70kW. The Vortex range comes in a range of models, including boiler house, outdoor, combi and utility variants.

Grant’s innovative range of heating technologies continue to drive the heating industry forward towards achieving a zero-carbon future.

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