Grant’s innovative Protection for central heating systems

In addition to providing reliable, efficient heating solutions for home-owners throughout the UK, Ireland and internationally, leading boiler manufacturer, Grant, has developed the perfect solution to help protect central heating systems with its revolutionary ‘Mag One’ magnetic filter.

Grant’s Mag One triple-action filter is highly efficient and identifies and collects all types of non-ferrous debris and magnetite within the central heating system.

Mark Eccles, Grant NI explains, “Every central heating system should have a magnetic filter fitted as this will help to prevent breakdowns by helping to reduce magnetic and non-ferrous particulate – or sludge – as it’s often referred to.”

Sludge is formed from dirt, water and iron oxide particles. Even small amounts of sludge in a heating system can dramatically decrease its efficiency, causing cold spots in radiators and reducing the lifespan of the boiler.

“Designed to reduce the amount of sludge in the heating system, the Grant Mag One can provide many benefits to home-owners, as it can extend the life of the boiler. In addition, it reduces iron deposit blockages in the heating system, and can improve and maintain central heating efficiency which can help to reduce home heating bills,” adds Mark.

The Grant Mag One is suitable for use with new central heating systems and can be retro-fitted to older ones during boiler replacement or upgrade.

“We receive a lot of positive feedback from plumbers and plumbing and heating merchants about the effectiveness of this product. In terms of emptying the filter, this is very straight forward and is normally done by the plumber during the annual boiler service,” Mark concluded.

Key Features of the Grant Mag One magnetic filter include:

– Filters magnetite and non-ferrous debris

– Simple to install

– Easy clean, easy drain design

– 12000 Gauss Neodymium magnet

– Triple action filtration

– Installation/ servicing date wheel

– Complete with 28mm- 22mm reducers

– Full bore flat face 28mm chrome isolation valves

–  120°C max working temperature

– Manual air bleed

– 500ml dosing capacity

– 360° installation

– 6 bar max working pressure

– Supplied with spare sealing washers and O-rings

– Heavy duty POM filter for non-ferrous material

– Hose adaptor for remote draining

– Suitable for all heating systems up to 36kW (larger systems use two in a parallel circuit)

– Compatible with all system inhibitors and glycol solutions

For further information on the Grant Mag One Magnetic Cleaner telephone (RoI) 057 9126968 or (NI) 0800 0443261 or visit or