Greengear ticks all the boxes

Increasingly, plumbing and heating contractors are turning to Greengear and Calor LPG to supply their outdoor generators.

reengear generators are an innovative range of LPG powered machines, available exclusively in Ireland from Calor. The Greengear range comes with different power outputs, from 2 -7kW, depending on your needs.

As Calor LPG fuel is a cleaner alternative, Greengear machines are on average up to 50% cleaner than petrol driven alternatives. The gas generators run on propane which is available in a range of cylinder sizes from Calor.

Not only are Greengear products better for the environment, they also save you money. On average, LPG powered equipment is up to 30% less expensive to operate than petrol powered equivalents. As well as lower operating costs, LPG places less strain on the engine, reducing the wear and tear over the lifetime of the machines. Greengear generator deliver great reliability and cost efficiency and are also quieter in use.

Without the heavy petrol fumes, Greengear machines powered by Calor also eliminate many of the odour problems associated with petrol and diesel engines. From a safety perspective, LPG powered machines are easy and safe to refill; unlike petrol, there is no risk of spillage or of getting fuel on your skin or clothes.