Heat Merchants enhances energy efficiency with CHP

General view of the Bosch Combined Heat and Power module and equipment which has been installed at Summerhill Nursing & Residential Home. credit: leeboswellphotography.com

This coincides with the launch of the 12kWe CHP module, which is aimed at enhancing energy efficiency for smaller commercial applications, such as leisure centres and nursing homes, to maximise efficiency levels and provide a low-cost supply of heating, hot water and electricity.

The extent of Bosch’s CHP offering now allows the manufacturer to provide the generation of simultaneous electricity and usable heat to almost any commercial or industrial application, regardless of usage type. In addition, CO2 and NOx emissions are significantly reduced, as less gas is required to generate the same co-generative thermal and electrical output as a conventional utility network and local boiler solution.

Alan Hogan, Managing Director of Heat Merchants, said, “We are delighted to be able to offer this high-quality solution to the light commercial sector in Ireland as legislation continues to encourage stakeholders to consider and adopt low-carbon solutions with reduced energy costs. Our technical design service will provide a full feasibility study and outline the payback time on investments for any project.”

CHP is a highly efficient process which captures and utilises the heat that is a by-product of the electricity generation process. CHP plants are also referred to as cogenerating plants. The efficiency of a CHP plant can typically be 20% to 25% higher than the combined efficiency of heat-only boilers and conventional power stations. CHP technology is particularity suited to any site that has a relatively consistent, simultaneous demand for both heat and electricity. In Ireland in 2014, the majority of units were installed in the services sector, with hotels and leisure (which includes swimming pools, leisure centres, gyms, etc) accounting for 34% of units in the sector while the hospital sub-sector accounts for another 10% (source SEAI).

The Heat Merchants technical design team, in conjunction with Bosch offer a free CHP feasibility study for any potential site to ensure that the system is precisely sized, and that maximum efficiency is achieved. Once a CHP module has been installed, a team of experts is on hand to provide on-going advice and support to ensure the CHP system is correctly commissioned and regularly serviced to produce optimum performance for the duration of its lifespan. A range of maintenance and service packages are available in order to guarantee system performance and investor peace of mind.


  • CHP is required to be considered under PART L and can satisfy up to 80% of a building’s low CO2 heating demand.
  • CHP is a cost-effective way to reduce CO2and achieve saving requirements, delivered from a small footprint and lowest cost per kg saving.
  • CHP can also reduce utility costs and provide paybacks within five years.

For more information, contact Heat Merchants on (RoI) 090 6442 300 or (NI) 00353 90 6442 300, e-mail customersupport@heatmerchants.ie or visit the website www.heatmerchants.ie