Hevac announces new business unit

Ireland’s leading domestic, commercial and industrial plumbing and heating specialists, Hevac, has just announced a new business unit, the High-Density Residential Unit. The HDR was created through the amalgamation of Origen Energy and Polytherm Heating Systems, which specialises in underfloor heating, multilayer, trench heater, radiant panel, district heating, and renewable energy solutions. 

The new unit will focus on high-rise, high-density residential market, with emphasis on residential HVAC system solutions for apartment developments. 

The HDR will also provide products and services regarding design, regulation compliance and specification of underfloor heating, district heating systems, residential heat pumps and MVHR.

“Within the new division, we offer engineered designs, sales, supply, and support services tailored to our clients’ individual needs. Our mission is simple: reduce energy costs, improve energy efficiency, lower carbon emissions, offer training on our systems and ensure compliance with the latest regulations and best practices,” explained HDR Director, Donal Stafford. “All of this means that our customers have peace of mind that our energy solutions work effectively and won’t cause any regulatory problems.” 

Customer-focused structure

With the new HDR, Hevac also plans to offer a more streamlined and customer-focused structure under the single strong Hevac brand. “The division will enable us to provide a far more effective and improved customer service experience and enhanced market penetration opportunity. Our customers will now see a single brand quoting and encompassing the entire suite of system solutions we offer,” Donal explained. 

“Within the Hevac family, we have nationwide coverage with skilled business development managers that are now fully synchronised with the suite of solutions. They will continue to grow our presence in the market, with the ability to focus on one brand and a holistic service solution for our customers’ needs. Hevac’s full suite of products and full portfolio is a far greater proposition under one brand,” he added.

According to Donal, the HDR team is as dedicated as they have always been, and the consolidation of the companies serves only to enable a stronger approach, which supports Hevac’s customers moving forward.

The High Density Residencial Unit is up and running under the leadership of Kiara Kenneally, Department Manager, and already providing system solutions under the new strategy. 

“With this transition, we are fully focused on the combined package of residential heating options,” Donal commented.

“This is what the market wants, and compliance is very much at the top of our customers’ primary objectives.”

An exciting time to restructure

With the quality of engineers, CAD technicians and management within the team, Donal expects the new division to continue supplying the best quality systems on the market. 

“Our focus will be to help deliver solutions to the high-density housing needs of the country. Our supply chain and technical support has the capability to grow and support our customer base with timely and supported solutions,” he commented. 

“It is an exciting time to restructure; the market is strong, and I believe we can deliver quality, supported solutions. Our external Business Development team will continue to excel and contribute hugely to the department as it matures.

“We highly value our customers, past, present, and future and thank each of them for their support. The HDR team hopes to continue providing next-level customer service and innovative systems, and we look forward to meeting the challenges ahead.”


Meet the products supplied by the new HDR

Underfloor heating systems – Polytherm’s underfloor heating systems can be installed under almost any type of floor. Due to the low energy requirements involved, it offers an efficient method of heating, especially when combined with heat pumps.

Heat Pumps & Various Domestic Hot Water cylinder options – The range of heat pumps offered by the HDR will reduce heating bills by improving energy efficiency and support the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and achieving compliance to the building regulations.

Electric radiators – The Haverland range of electric radiators are self-programmable and feature a unique sensor that adjusts the temperature according to the number of people in the room.

Thermodynamic domestic hot water cylinders – The De Dietrich Elensio heat pump is compact and offer a high-performance exchanger with Plug’n’Play installation.

Mechanical Heat Recovery Ventilation & MEV – Nuaire’s Mechanical Ventilation range with Heat Recovery (MVHR) systems provides optimised, balanced heat recovery ventilation with up to 95% efficiency. 

District heating pipes and HIUs – The Calpex pre-insulated piping system is flexible, self-compensating, lightweight and corrosion-resistant.

HDR’s offering also includes the Danfoss EvoFlat 4.0 F, a flat station HIU with self-acting controls for direct heating of a radiator circuit and instantaneous domestic hot water.


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