Hevac launches hot water heat pumps with eco-friendly gas refrigerant

Hevac Group – Ireland’s leading sustainable heating systems provider – has released the De Deitrich Elensio hot water heat pump range with environmentally friendly R290 natural gas refrigerant to the Irish market.

The Elensio thermodynamic water heater has been designed specifically to generate domestic hot water for dwellings – with the four units in the range achieving temperatures of 54-55°C at impressive COPs of 3.09 to 3.54 when tested in line with the European standard for hot water heat pumps, EN 16147.

Origen, part of the Hevac Group, has introduced the Elensio as the latest member of the company’s heat pump range, and is targeted at apartments and specific retrofit scenarios.

For apartments built to NZEB standard with little or no space heating  – demand, particularly in the case of mid-block, mid-floor units – the Elensio provides a discrete yet high performance solution. 

It is also ideal for retrofits where someone has replaced the boiler recently, and wants to install a heater that will reduce energy use for hot water.

With no outdoor unit, Elensio’s air supply is ducted directly from outside air, with cooled air also ducted back outside. 

Silent and compact, thanks to a very low height, Elensio is a low impact installation with only 47dB[A].

The Elensio comes in four variations – the 200 and 250, which work off external air only, and the 200H and 250H, which work off external air but can also be connected to solar panels or a boiler. 

All units include an immersion as backup. Each machine includes 0.15 kg of R290 in the refrigerant circuit. R290 has a 20-year global warming potential of just 0.072.



Environmentally friendly: fluid R290 – natural gas, COP up to 3.48.

DHW comfort: up to 338 litres of hot water at 40°C can easily meet the needs of a family of six.

Compact: with a height of 1528mm for the 200 model, it integrates very easily under sloping or low ceilings.

Installation: it can be easily moved and installed, thanks to its compactness and integrated handles.

Quiet operation: it can be installed in any living room, thanks to its reduced sound level (47dB[A].)

Boost mode: for permanent DHW comfort.

Reliability: equipped with reinforced titanium anode.


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