K18 offers all-in-one solution

As distributor of Robur Technical Products in Ireland, Origen has launched the latest development from Robur, the K18 Residential Absorption Heat Pump powered by natural gas and air-source renewable energy for heating.

The K18 represents a unique high-value renewable solution, compliant with future regulation in terms of efficiency and renewable energy use, and at the top of energy labelling with an A++ rating. This new and versatile unit is suitable for both new and existing buildings and is designed to operate in new or existing heating systems with high-temperature radiators or with low-temperature underfloor systems.

The K18 works as a boiler. However, its high-efficiency heat pump utilises air-source renewable energy, ensuring that the K18 is far more efficient and is really the all-in-one solution. It is also easy to install, as it avoids the complexity of the integration of electric heat pumps and solar thermal systems.

Robur heat pump technology is acknowledged by the European Commission under the EU’s Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development, with the HEAT4U Project as one of the most innovative heating technologies for existing residential buildings.

With K18, it is possible to easily and quickly replace or integrate the old gas boiler, and it is the ideal choice for new houses with low temperature distribution systems (radiant heating or fan coils).

The Robur unit has only two moving parts, resulting in reliable operation and easy maintenance. It uses natural refrigerants not

subject to normal constraints and phase-out (F-Gas regulation exempt), and is the quietest heat pump on the market.

The K18 heat pump is available with or without high efficiency modulating water pump. It can work using weather compensation mode for more efficient regulation and higher energy savings, and is also supplied with antifreeze function without electric strips, ideal even in cold climates.

Robur is a leading manufacturer offering energy-efficient, gas-powered heating and cooling solutions capable of significantly reducing environmental impact. Using up to 40% of renewable energy (air, ground or water- source), Robur heating systems are a profitable investment to increase the value of a building.

Origen Energy Limited was established in 2009 as a renewable and district heating specialist. The company designs and supplies fully engineered renewable energy solutions to the residential, commercial and industrial sectors, and can offer in-house specialists, including design engineers, CAD technicians and system specialists.

The focus of Origen Energy Limited is to provide quality solutions that lower energy costs, whilst offering maximum efficiency and comfort, helping to ensure that both domestic and commercial projects are as energy efficient as possible and that they comply with all necessary energy regulations, guaranteeing a reduced carbon footprint.

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