Hi-Lo Panels: Next generation heating

Third generation of panel radiators from QRL offer the best heat output of any radiator available today

When it comes to overall heating system efficiency, the heat source is only one part of the puzzle. The choice of emitter is just as vital – so it pays to get this part right. There are a host of radiators on the market, and whilst they might look the same from the outside, not all are created equal and some are more efficient than others.

Since the first days of central heating, radiator design can be characterised into three ‘generations’. First- generation models were bigger and heavier, with a wide pitch between waterway channels. This meant more water to heat and a slower heat transfer rate. Second-generation models fared slightly better in design and performance and remain a common sight in today’s homes. Whilst both generations are still available – and incorrect claims are often made about their performance – advancements in heating technology mean they now lag far behind the most modern and advanced panels on the market.

Unique to QRL, third-generation Hi-Lo panel radiators boast the very narrowest pitch between waterway channels, more convector surface area and, therefore, less water per kilowatt and the market’s best dynamic response. Manufactured exclusively by QRL Radiator Group, they offer the best heat outputs (for both size (W/m2) and weight (W/kg)) of any radiator available today. In fact, they give out up to 12% more heat than other radiators of the same size, which means you can opt for a smaller radiator to do the same job – and save money in the process. Third-generation panels also provide unrivalled heat performance at lower Delta Ts, making them an ideal match for lower temperatures heat sources such as renewables.

We’ve been manufacturing market- leading panel and designer radiators for 50 years and have Europe’s most technologically advanced manufacturing facility in Newport, Wales. We’re the proud manufacturer of the best performing steel radiators in the market, and we continue to push the boundaries of technical excellence in heating. If you’re looking for unparalleled quality, and independently certified, industry- leading heat outputs – QRL is the name you can trust f0r radiators.

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