Hi-Lo Panels: The ultimate choice for renewable heating systems

When considering the heat source, ensure that you also take emitters into consideration, say the experts at QRL.

As we move towards a more energy efficient heating landscape, air and ground-source heat pumps are becoming an increasingly popular option. However, the heat source can’t be the only consideration when it comes to delivering whole system efficiency. Emitters play just as vital a role, so it’s highly important that HVAC professionals get this part right.

With renewable heat sources operating at a Delta T between 15-30°C, it’s vital they’re paired with radiators that can do the same.

Aluminium panel emitters have long been thought of as a strong solution – offering low water content along with impressive heat conducting properties. However, what many aren’t aware of, is that there’s a new generation of steel radiators that outperform every other emitter on the market – even aluminium ones

Enter QRL’s Hi-Lo steel radiator. It offers the highest heat outputs in watts per square meter and watts per litre of any steel or aluminium radiator available. The only radiator to be verified by the Energy Saving Trust, the Hi-Lo T22 provides unrivalled heat performance especially at lower Delta Ts – making it the ultimate solution to work alongside heat pumps, as well as other energy-saving heat sources. What’s more, with the lowest water content and the least steel, it also boasts the smallest carbon footprint.

Using third generation technology (developed by QRL engineers), Hi-Lo panels have the best dynamic response. They deliver the fastest heat-up times and give out up to 18% more heat than other steel or aluminium radiators of the same size. This is because they feature the smallest 25mm pitch between water channels, more convector surface area (with the most fins) and need less water per kilowatt. The result? You can opt for a smaller radiator to do the same job, and rooms reach their desired temperatures faster – so the heat source doesn’t have to work as

We’ve been manufacturing market-leading panel and designer radiators for 50 years and have Europe’s most technologically advanced manufacturing facility in Newport, Wales. We’re the proud manufacturer of the best performing steel radiators in the market, and we continue to push the boundaries of technical excellence in heating. If you’re looking for unparalleled quality, and independently certified, industry-leading heat outputs – QRL is the name you can trust f0r radiators.

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