Innovation from Grant

Renowned for the diversity of its product portfolio, grant is now driving the industry forward with its new multiple package solutions offering for new build properties

Grant’s Multiple Package Solutions offering provides those undertaking a new build project with the opportunity to have the property’s full heating requirements designed, quoted and supplied by the technical specialists at Grant who can help ensure optimum efficiencies for a property by combining multiple technologies. This free-of-charge service also ensures correct product sizing to meet the property’s exact heating requirements, helping to maximise efficiencies and bring the home heating system into a new class of efficiency which can result in greater long-term savings for the home-owner. Models within Grant’s range of highly- efficient Aerona3 air source heat pumps are a key feature within the Multiple Package Solutions offering.

Operating using an entirely renewable heat source, Grant Aerona3 heat pumps are a firm choice for those wishing to meet Part L compliance. An Aerona3 heat pump not only offers great environmentally friendly benefits that can lower a property’s overall carbon footprint, but can also ensure optimum efficiencies all year round by delivering over four times the amount of energy for every 1kW of electricity used.

Grant also recently extended its heat pump offering to include an A+++ 13kW model which features R32 refrigerant. This refrigerant holds a lower global warming potential than other typical heat pump refrigerants and meets upcoming legislative targets outlined in the 2014 EU Fluorinated Greenhouse Gas Regulations. The Grant Aerona3 R32 provides dual benefits as it is not just a greener heat pump but also has familiar features that engineers have come to associate with the Grant Aerona3 brand. The use of R32 gas in heat pump technology is an exciting development for the industry and will be introduced into all models within Grant’s Aerona3 range in the coming months.

Once the heat pump has been sized correctly to meet the heating requirements of the property, Grant will then identify suitable hot water cylinders and accompanying heat emitters from its extensive offering to ensure a highly efficient home heating system. Grant’s ever-growing heat emitter offering provides great variety and overall choice for the end-user and includes fan convector radiators, aluminium radiators and underfloor heating, all of which can be easily integrated into any heating system.

The Grant Solo fan convector radiator range, which boasts faster rates of convection than traditional radiators, is available in three models and is an excellent choice for larger rooms within a property that could be harder to heat. Units within the Grant Afinia aluminium radiator range champion a slim and compact design and are available from 6-20 panels depending on the property’s layout and heating requirements.

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