Apartment block flue systems from John J. Doyle

Fully CE tested, Dinagas is a shared system chimney for multiple boiler installations in apartment buildings from Dinak, one of the most trusted chimney specialist manufacturers in Europe.

“We have already successfully installed this safe and convenient solution in a number of apartment buildings in Belfast, including The Bakery, on the Ormeau Road; the Annadale Embankment; and Stratfield House, Wellington Park Terrace,” said Managing Director, John Doyle. “The results and the feedback have been impressive.”

Dinagas and Dinagas+ are collective flue systems that allow the simultaneous air intake and gas outlet of single room-sealed gas boilers in collective apartment buildings. They are adapted to individual outputs up to 35KW for boiler types C43 and C83.

Dinagas+ comprises a stainless steel concentric chimney for the collective evacuation of sealed single gas positive pressure condensing boilers, while Dinagas Natural Draught is a stainless steel concentric chimney for multiple boiler installations in apartment buildings for room-sealed natural draught boilers without positive pressure.

Integrated by concentric flue modules with a male/female end-fitted system and a locking band, Dinagas+ is perfectly sealed. Its finishing terminal protects boilers from wind gusts, and all the edges have a safety end, avoiding risk of cuts during the material manipulation. It also has the advantage of using only one flue in the roof, and it is not necessary to place boilers close to an outer wall.

The finished design of the Dinagas+ system is discreet and, at the same time, modern, bringing together functionality and architectural integration. The short terminal is particularly adapted for roof terraces over the chimney stack, and a supplementary stainless steel 316L/304 element has been designed for going through the framework after the last floor. The tilting possibility allows up to two diversions in a maximum height of 5m.

Delivered in modular elements, the Dinagas system allows for the collecting air intake and gas outlet of up to 20 boilers and up to two boilers per level.

“Dinagas+ has many advantages,” said John Doyle. “It’s aesthetically pleasing and unobtrusive, which was particularly important on The Bakery as it is a Listed building. Only a fairly minimal amount of flue run is required, and there is no need to track the flue through the ceiling void. It also means there is no condensate pluming.

“Many European countries, such as Belgium, prohibit the use of domestic flues exiting the front façade of any building. These carry the risk of flue gasses re-entering the building via an open window and are also not as aesthetically pleasing.”

Dinagas products are stocked at John J. Doyle’s warehouse at 5 Duncrue Place, Belfast and can either be collected or delivered to your premises.

For more information, telephone John J Doyle Ltd on (NI) 028 9024 7864 or (RoI) 048 9024 7864 or visit the website at www.johnjdoyle.com