Keston Boilers boosts benefits for installers

Twin flue boiler manufacturer Keston Boilers has increased their points on one of the most rewarding customer loyalty schemes in the industry

Keston installers will now be able to benefit from higher points for each boiler they install on Installer Connect, Ideal Boilers’ customer loyalty scheme. From 16 July 2019 Installer Connect points for Keston boilers have been increased and categorised into bandings. The updated amounts for Keston Combi and System boilers start at 46 points (£15) in Bronze, moving on to 80 points (£26) in Silver and 107 points (£35) in Gold, while Keston Heat boilers are worth 100 points (£33) across both Bronze and Silver and 140 points (£46) for Gold.

Previously, Keston installers were not able to benefit from the additional points through the banding system, with each Keston boiler installed being worth the same value, 45 points (£14) for System and Combi and 75 points (£24) for Heat. The increased amounts and adoption of the banding system for the Keston range means that Gold members installing Combi and System boilers will now benefit from points that have more than doubled in value.

The points based scheme is designed to reward frequent installers of Ideal and Keston products. The scheme is categorised within three bandings, Bronze, Silver and Gold. Each banding is based on the number of installations completed in a year, with more installations meaning more points. Points are redeemable for a wide range of items that would benefit installers, such as workwear, shopping vouchers, gadgets and marketing support. 

As Installer Connect is run by Ideal Boilers, installers are able to use both brands to count towards their overall total of installations, making it easier to achieve Gold status and benefit from the maximum points available.

In addition to the points increase, Installer Connect will continue to provide Gas Safe notifications free of charge, instant warranty registration and inclusion on Keston’s ‘Find An Installer’ page on their website, offering direct leads from homeowners.

Tara-Jay Bingham, Customer Loyalty Manager, said: “Going the extra mile for our installers’ needs is at the heart of what we do. The increases in points for Keston installations will continue to strengthen the already mutually beneficial relationship we have with them.” 

British built since 2013, Keston’s Combi, System and Heat boilers offer outputs of 30 to 55kW for domestic and commercial heating solutions. Their twin flue design provides a solution for boilers requiring long flue runs, with up to 27 metres possible with a Keston boiler.