Acoustic sounding and thermal imaging from Leak Locator

Peter has been using thermal imaging and acoustic listening technology for a number of years within the utility sector in Northern Ireland but due to an increase in demand for these services, he has now created Leak Locator.

Peter explained, “Installers and manufacturers can often be called back to jobs to sort out issues with the central heating system losing pressure but generally the problem won’t lie with either the installation or the product itself, but a leak somewhere in the system. “But the customer doesn’t want to hear ‘it’s not my fault’ – they just want a solution, and that’s where we come in. We use the latest technology to locate the leak and then repair it.The service is already proving popular with both installers and manufacturers so we’re hoping to build on this success.”

Leak Locator uses acoustic sounding equipment and thermal images and can advise on a range of areas, including:

  • Trace and access policy for leak detection
  • Leak detection on underground pipework (domestic water supply or water heating) •
  • Bathroom leak detection – concealed pipework in walls •
  • New water mains to property, via moling •
  • Internal metering or pulse meters •
  • Zonal detection (for larger systems) •
  • Pipe soundness testing (water, oil, gas) •
  • Permanent fill systems to avoid low pressure •
  • Pipe avoidance when drilling excavating •
  • Pressure testing •
  • Legionella surveys

Leak Locator also offer the service on a commercial basis, where the company can sub-meter properties and fit pulse meters which can be record water usage to compare with your bills. These meters can be remotely accessed by a smartphone or computer. Peter explained, “With the increased focus on cutting utility bills it makes sense to keep a closer eye on your water usage and meters provide an independent method of this.

This can also highlight leaks in the system which are costing businesses a lot of money, so by investing in this technology you can actually save yourself money.” Whether it is locating leaks or installing sub-meters, Leak Locator works as a sub-contractor for the installer, manufacturer, kitchen fitter, home/business owner or insurance companies, allowing them to offer an additional service. “This is all about offering the best customer service and we feel we can become a worthwhile extension to the services offered by manufacturers and installers,” Peter added. “We had a case recently where an installer was set to dig up a driveway to try and get the bottom of the pressure issue, but thankfully called us in before he reached this stage. We used our equipment to quickly locate the problem and all we had to do was move one flagstone to successfully locate the leak.”

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