MacBlair harnesses the power of digital technology

Watershed department focussing on DIY and self-build markets...

MacBlair Cookstown is harnessing the power of digital technology as it seeks to expand its share of the self-build market.

The company’s Watershed Bathroom & Tiles department is now equipped with cutting-edge virtual reality programmes which can ensure that a customer’s vision for their new bathroom will always become a reality.

MacBlair recently welcomed Ryan Sinclair to the business. Ryan brings a strong background in sales but this is also complemented by his design skills which he uses to help customers make the right choices for their new bathroom.

“When you take into account the bathroom is often the room, other than the kitchen, where the most money is spent, it is very important to get it right,” said MacBlair Cookstown Branch Manager, Paul Wilson.

“Our Watershed Bathroom & Tiles department will be focussing on the self-build and DIY markets as we move forward. It is important to increase our brand awareness and let people know that our showroom is open to the public and not just to contractors and tradespeople.

“Ryan has recently joined the team and he is working with Curtis Hodgett who has worked in Watershed for three years now. Ryan and Curtis can advise customers on design and can bring their visions to life through 3D drawings and virtual reality programmes.

“A customer can see their very own bathroom and how it will look with the new recommended products in it. It means customers can be confident that the vision they have in their head for their new bathroom will match what the reality will be.”

MacBlair has a vast range of stock but they are also very well placed to help customers create bespoke designs.

“We have an excellent network of suppliers so we can normally have products delivered within 48 hours. This means the customer will always get the products which are right for their bathrooms,” said Paul.

The Watershed and the plumbing and heating counter at MacBlair Cookstown work side-by-side, with both teams fully complementing each other.

“Shane Kealey, our Plumbing and Heating Supervisor, is an ex-plumber and therefore perfectly placed to offer expert advice. He can advise on best lay-out of a bathroom and whether the products selected are suitable. He can help with advice on the required pipework as well as taps and radiators to find the best solutions for customers. “Having that plumber’s knowledge to draw upon is a real advantage for our customers. The two departments work very well together – the guys in the Watershed department can advise on design and products and show you how they will look in your bathroom and Shane can help you to integrate those products into your bathroom space.”

The close connection between the plumbing and heating counter and Watershed Bathroom & Tiles at MacBlair Cookstown is consistent with the company’s approach of offering everything on one site.

“A lot of our success is down to the fact that we have a large, modern site which not only allows easy access for customers and deliveries but it also enables us to carry a wide stock profile,” said Paul. “And by utilising the size of the MacBlair business we can buy correctly, which means we can provide high quality products at a fair price.”

Situated on the one site, MacBlair Cookstown is home to the company’s Builders’ Merchant, Watershed Bathroom & Tiles and the Plumbing & Heating department.

“We are performing well but there is always that desire to push forward. We certainly won’t be resting on our laurels but instead seeking new ways to push the business on,” concluded Paul.

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