Maintenance time for heating systems

With over 30 years’ experience in the sector, Altecnic Ltd is ideally placed to provide innovative and reliable system optimisation solutions to combat any issues.

Altecnic, part of the global Caleffi group has a wide range of proven, market-leading separation and cleaning products to meet the ever-increasing best practice required for efficient heating installations.

Failure to correctly maintain a heating system using accredited, approved products may lead to unnecessary stress on pumps, vessels, valves and system components. So why fit these products and how do they work?

In heating and hot water systems, the circulating water will undoubtedly contain debris that had already entered the pipework during site storage, install and/or construction. Modern systems contain many small control valves that require a clean system to work efficiently, otherwise, the seals become damaged or blocked by debris.

The debris may consist of pipe scale, thread turnings, rust or airborne particles, thread sealing tape or jointing paste. If left within the pipework these fragments may cause erosion to bends and fittings, and also damage pumps and control valves.

Dirt separators are an efficient way of removing debris and are capable of removing small particles down to microns in size. Debris is collected in the large chamber, allowing longer periods between cleaning, which can be done whilst the system is operating.

If cleaned regularly, dirt separators will potentially have a low pressure loss characteristic, important for reducing energy demands and on-going running costs.

Through use of the combined Caleffi DIRTMAG IQ™ magnetic separator, the system has the benefit of debris, dirt, and metal particle filtration along with an air release and ease of cleaning, therefore meeting all the requirements for an efficient system over the long term.

These devices – used in conjunction with the correct cleansing and inhibiting chemicals – further optimise the installation and provide effective and reliable operation for many years. Altecnic can now offer these products locally as single items or in packs; with sizes ranging from 22mm to 28mm – DIRTMAG IQ™ PRIME – plus larger female-threaded options up to 2” if required.

Best practice and advice along with guidelines from the major boiler manufacturers point the installer towards fitting system protection along with the appropriate cleaning and inhibiting chemicals.

The Altecnic Cleaner IQ3 is a very effective neutral pH, non-hazardous cleaner, which does not produce foam and allows for less cleaning time with minimal residue, thereby saving time on-site during the cleaning process. The IQ3 Cleaner will not damage the system, is safe to handle and use, and is also compatible with all commonly used metals and materials in a heating system. It can be left circulating for up to a week, prior to cleaning or flushing.

The Altecnic IQ1 inhibitor is a non-toxic, environmentally friendly formulation that has a powerful and effective inhibitor package. It will not harm the system or the environment and is safe to handle.

The IQ cleaner and inhibitor chemicals are designed to be used in conjunction with the Dirtmag IQ PRIME dirt separator; which makes the compliance pack a must for installers.

Furthermore, Altecnic also provides the cleansing and inhibiting chemicals recommended for use with any modern heating system installation or service, with 500ml containers available separately or as part of a pack c/w the DIRTMAG IQ™ PRIME unit – so bundling all the required items together. Scale reducers are also now available along with ¾” and 1” imperial compression version for the Republic of Ireland.



  • 22mm – 545342 LTC
  • 28mm – 545343 LTC
  • 3/4” – ALT-545342 IRE
  • 1” – ALT-545343 IRE


  • c/w Cleanser & Inhibitor (500ml)
  • 22mm – 114-1001
  • 28mm – 114-1011


  • 114-9001 – Cleaner
  • 114-9002 – Inhibitor

All products available via local distribution.

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