Make the quality connection

Quality and innovation continues to define the philosophy of Pipelife (formerly known as Quality Plastics – QPL) and this is reflected in the range of products and systems from this leading manufacturer and provider of plastic piping systems in Ireland.

The Qual-PEX Crimp system is a new unique system designed specifically for the Irish market. Unlike other crimp systems, the Qual-PEX CRIMP system is supplied in Irish sizes of 1⁄2” and 3⁄4” for use with Qual-PEX pipe.

The Qual-PEX CRIMP system requires no expensive tooling, no reaming of the joint prior to fitting, no pipe inserts, and gives an incredibly secure joint. The system is designed for optimal installation speed, ease of use, joint security, and competitiveness. Because it is Irish sized, the system is ideal for use in retro t applications or other applications as it is fully compatible with existing Irish size pipe and fittings systems.

According to Pipelife, for new builds, this system is unbeatable for installation speed. Pipelife’s extensive range of quality crimp fittings have complete compatibility with the company’s Qual-PEX pipe. The air force grade, annealed aluminium protective metal sleeve is precisely attached to each fitting during production and is designed to provide a unique metal reinforced leak free joint. The polymer fittings are made from a high-performance thermoplastic and can withstand high temperatures as well as being corrosion resistant.

The Qual-PEX CRIMP system was designed to overcome the shortcomings associated with other fittings systems. Pipelife listened to what plumbers wanted and the Qual-PEX CRIMP system was designed to deliver. The secure water tight seal is made when the Qual-PEX pipe is compressed onto the body of the Qual-PEX Crimp fitting.

The air force grade aluminium holds that seal permanently. This seal eliminates any contact between water and metal which has been the focus of major problems in the past (ie brass bodied fittings degrading due to corrosive water). The Qual- PEX pipe and the Qual-PEX Crimp fittings are completely corrosion resistant.

The sleek, lightweight Qual- PEX Clamp Tool has been designed to makes the seal with minimum effort by the installer. Gone are the days of tool belts, spanners, sealer, inserts, hacksaws, solder, gas torches, big bulky expensive, battery operated tools and reamers. All you need is a Qual-PEX Cutters and the Qual-PEX Clamp Tool.

The Qual-PEX Clamp tool is ideal for working overhead due to its light weight and the ability to get into awkward spaces will surprise you. Pipelife’s guarantee on the Qual-Pex Crimp System against manufacturing defects is a minimum of 50 years (terms and conditions apply).

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