Making a new house an A rated home with Natural Gas

Construction industry professionals joined Gas Networks Ireland at the Silver Springs Clayton Hotel in Cork recently, to explore how natural gas, in combination with renewable technologies meets with Part L building regulations in order to achieve a fully A rated home.


Topics explored during the seminar included how to enter natural gas in conjunction with renewable technologies into the SEAI’s DEAP software. Other discussion points included installation and running costs of natural gas in a new house, the guiding principles of gas connections and a look at Ireland’s natural gas infrastructure were also covered.


Guest speakers included Gerhard Heyl of PV Green Energy Savings, Bill Quigley of NuTech Renewables, Calin Tasnadi of Daikin, Jonathan White of LVP Renewables, and Paul McEvoy of Origen and Patrick Wycherley of Clean Energy Ireland.


Choosing the right energy for a new home is an important decision, and for over 647,000 households in Ireland, natural gas is the first choice. Natural gas ensures sustainability and energy efficiency, with low running costs, and is instantaneous and easy to control with no need for external storage.


Speaking at the event, Lorcan Cooke, Gas Applications Engineer and BER Assessor with Gas Networks Ireland:  “When determining the Building Energy Rating (BER) of a new house, the entry of a natural gas system combined with renewable technologies only requires simple user inputs in the DEAP. With BER playing an increasingly important role in the resale value of houses, gas is a good investment.”