Making energy efficiency commercially viable

In commercial buildings such as offices, schools, hotels, libraries, gyms and even large domestic properties, reducing costs and saving energy are important issues.

As a result, owners and operators of these buildings are looking for an energy-efficient heating and hot water system that can keep up with demand. Established in 1998 and based in Kilkenny, Vokèra has a wealth of experience in heating solutions for commercial applications and is developing its technology all the time.

The company’s heritage lies in the domestic market with over 100,000 houses in Ireland currently benefitting from its high quality gas boilers. This experience was introduced to the commercial market over 10 years ago and is backed by the financial strength and stability of the company’s global parent company, the Riello Group. Vokèra has always maintained a firm focus on the needs of the Irish market and is a brand trusted by home-owners, installers, merchants and specifiers alike.

Vokèra is working with many building owners to reduce usage and costs, including the Dublin Business School. A 43-year-old oil roof-top boiler was replaced with a floor standing modular unit. The installation hasprovided the school with much needed energy savings and the building can now be fully up to temperature in just 20 minutes.

The company was also involved with a project at Galway Cathedral in Galway city to replace oil boilers with the energy-efficient CondexaPRO. The cathedral had an annual energy spend of over €75,000 but with the new boilers installed alongside new insulation, high-efficient glazing and LED lighting, the building is now saving almost 980,000 kWh per annum.

As part of its commitment to product development and innovation, all of Vokèra’s commercial boilers have a unique heat exchanger that allows them to modulate down to just 16kW, even if they are positioned in a cascade or modular system. This means that a 500kW cascade system can modulate down to 16kW, making it extremely efficient.

A cascade or modular system can provide a greater output to meet demand, which can be of real benefit in small commercial properties. In these instances, one boiler might not be enough to power the whole site, but a cascade system will provide the output to meet demand. This type of cascade system will also allow end-users to achieve better, more efficient control. If the demand within the building is high, then all boilers in the system can be working together, but, if the heating requirement drops, each appliance can be individually controlled and turned off to match the lower demand.

By controlling the system to meet demand in this way, then the result is greater energy savings for the end-user. As an example, Vokèra recently installed its CondexaPRO boiler in a cascade configuration at a large residential property just outside Dublin. This boiler has been specifically designed for modular systems so that they work perfectly in commercial applications or larger domestic properties.

On this particular project, three CondexaPRO boilers were installed to ensure the output of the heating system could meet the demand of a larger home.

Over the last 10 years, Vokèra has worked on other prestigious jobs including the Law Library in Dublin, Durrow Castle, Calor Gas Filling Plant in Tivoli, Cork and the Glanbia plc office building in Kilkenny, as well as a number of Tesco stores, Supervalu stores, HSE hospitals in Clonskeagh, Meath and Mullingar and national schools.

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