Making life easier for merchants and installers – Calflow and 116 SERIES

Renowned over 30 years for the design and delivery of innovative plumbing and heating solutions, Altecnic has listened to what merchants and installers have been saying about the needs of the market and developed two new products that should make their lives a lot easier to satisfy customer demand. Firstly, with the aim of reducing water wastage and so offering home-owners considerable savings on their water bills, Altecnic has produced the Calflow® flow regulating ball valve. Secondly, to ensure specified water temperatures are maintained automatically in domestic hot water recirculation, Altecnic’s parent company, Caleffi, has introduced the 116 thermostatic regulator.

Enabling architects, construction companies, local authorities and housing associations to create homes and other buildings that are more environmentally friendly, the new Calflow combines an isolating ball valve and an automatic flow regulating valve into one valve body. This design maintains a constant flow of water to an individual outlet – such as a tap, mixer, shower or thermostatic mixing valve. Also, with an easy-to-use automatic flow cartridge inserted, the Calflow offers a number of benefits when used with hot, cold and mixed water supply pipes. These include being able to isolate outlet fittings for maintenance purposes and prevent over flow by ensuring a continuous and constant flow of water at the desired flow rate. This also ensures customers are protected from splashback caused by high-pressure water when turning on a tap. Available in 15mm and 22mm versions and with a nickel- plated brass body, the Calflow ball valve is easy to install, with just two compression joints to make, and can be used in place of a conventional isolation valve. This makes the Calflow ideal for installing in homes, council buildings, student accommodation and business premises where water consumption is an issue and space is at a premium. Even more savings can be made when the valve is used with timed or electronic taps, controllers and showers.

The 116 thermostatic regulator is designed to deliver effective automatic thermal balancing when water supplied by a recirculation pump is distributed to other branches in the system. The valve should be installed in the return pipe of each recirculation circuit, automatically maintaining the desired water temperature. The 116 controls the flow rate in accordance with the inlet water temperature using a dedicated internal thermostatic cartridge. When the water temperature approaches the set value, the amount of water recirculating is automatically reduced. Equipped with a thermal disinfection function – particularly useful if the water temperature exceeds 55 ̊C to 60 ̊C – the new regulator is available with a temperature gauge and a probe pocket for the temperature gauge. Other accessories include a thermo- electric actuator, a 24V or 240V electric actuator and a cartridge for use with the electric actuator.

Gary Perry, OEM Sales & Technical Director at Altecnic, said, “The Calflow flow regulating valve offers a quick return on investment due to the amount of water it saves. This makes it particularly attractive to those working in domestic and commercial environments. “At the same time, the 116 thermostatic regulator recognises how important thermal balancing is in any plumbing and heating installation and offers merchants and installers an affordable and easily installed solution that will make their lives a lot easier when it comes to meeting customers’ requirements.”

Chris Reilly, Altecnic Country Manager for Ireland
T: 00353 (0)85 2152288