Mira’s wireless Advance simplifies wetrooms

This simplifies installing or retro-fitting a wetroom in situations where a conventional gravity fed drainage system would not be feasible. The shower is designed to work with the Whale Instant Match Wireless Pump: the pump rate matches the shower flow for more efficient drainage and reduced noise. When the shower is off, the pump continues to clear water from the tray, while any pooled water is drained after 15 minutes by a purge function.

The pump can be 5 metres away with no trunking or conduits to worry about. Setting up and pairing is simple, and both appliances are digitally linked so there is no interference with other wireless devices. An built-in memory ensures they remain paired if there is a power cut.

RNIB endorsed, the Advance Flex has a large, colour contrasted rotary lever – with loop loop for those with limited dexterity – tactile areas, a large on/off and backlit buttons, and an audible click on the temperature lever. The extra-long slide bar is easily adjusted because its bracket can be operated with one hand. A 2m shower hose enables carers to provided assisted showering. The shower’s safety features include a BEAB Care temperature setting.

For more information, visit www.mirashowers.co.uk