Intelligent care from Modern Plant

Grohe Spalet is kinder to your skin and tailored to your own personal preferences. Packed with innovative functions including self-cleaning and design details that makes it the cleanest toilet in the world, it’s also more hygienic and more soothing than wiping with paper. Every aspect of the Spalet’s design has been carefully considered to make sure it’s always hygienic and easy to clean.

Features of the Grohe Spalet include:

Automatic cleaning spray arm
Before and after each use of the Spalet, the automatic cleaning programme will run, ensuring the spray arms and nozzles are 100% clean and safe.

Antibacterial spray arm
The spray nozzles are made from 99% antibacterial material, certified by the SIAA, so the spray head and arm remain germ-free at all times.

Air dryer
An air dryer function leaves you completely clean and dry with no wiping.

Odour absorption
Two vents keep any smells at bay – an airshield around the bowl surface seals the air inside the toilet keeping odours in the bowl, while the other draws odours away completely through a charcoal filter.

A soft nightlight comes on when the lid opens automatically. A permanent LED light can also be activated if you prefer to have a gentle light on at all times.

Spalet app
The Spalet app lets you create individual user profiles so that your ideal spray pattern, pressure and temperature are memorised. The app works with iOS and Android phones.

Automatic lid opening
The toilet’s sensor detects your presence, automatically opening the lid as you approach.

Seat control panel
Within comfortable arm’s reach, the side of the Spalet has a simple control panel that lets you alter the spray function and adjust the water pressure of your cleaning experience with just a touch.

Remote control
The intuitive remote control which can be wall-mounted within arm’s reach allows you to select your preferred spray, pressure and water temperature from the easy-to-follow menu.

Easy installation
The Spalet can be installed in a new bathroom or within an existing scheme. A black or pure white safety glass module from Grohe that conceals the water supply can be installed over existing tiles. For new schemes, the Grohe rapid Sl frame is designed for swift installation behind the wall, neatly concealing everything you need to run your Spalet.

Point of display promotion
Modern Plant offers a point of sale solution for showrooms interested in selling the Grohe Sensia Spalet, including a showroom board complete with the cycle model, flush plate, video card and screen. Modern Plant also supplies an easy-to-install cycle model Spalet that requires no plumbing.

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