More control with Myson

Heating your home while reducing your bills...

The addition of heating valves and electronic controls is seen as one of the simplest low-cost ways to make a home more comfortable while at the same time reducing heating bills. With this in mind Myson has developed a range of electronic controls and heating valves that not only give the user great benefits but are also easy to install, understand and operate.

The type of control chosen, will of course depend on the type of home or installation they are required to service, which is why the Myson range offers a variation of options including, radio frequency, touch screen and Wi-Fi enabled programmable room thermostats, triple, dual and single channel programmers, room and cylinder thermostats, control packs, motorised valves and a wide variety of manual valves, TRV’s and TRV packs.

Each product has been designed specifically with the installer and user in mind and comes with a wide variety of individual benefits. For example the MPRT programmable room thermostat with radio frequency comes equipped with easy to set, adjustable temperature settings, dedicated gas or boiler settings and smart start technology which delays the heating start time on warm days. Myson also offers a range of touch screen programmable room thermostats, such as the TOUCH which allows the user to set different room temperatures for different times of the day and for those who like to control their heating from a dedicated app, Myson also offers the TOUCH 2 which is WiFi enabled.

Other products in the range such as the MEP1c, MEP2c and MEP3c, single, dual and triple channel programmers offer features such as automatic summer/winter time change, 24 hour, 5/2 day or seven-day. The newest programmer to the range, the TOUCH 4, is a 4 zone, touch screen programmer, designed to be used alongside our electric radiators or as a replacement for any standard programmer.

Thermostats such as the MRT1 and MRTE are simple and accurate to use, the MRT1 comes with a gas bellow with anticipator, lockable or high/low temperature restrict features and large terminal screws for ease of installation. Other thermostats, like the MCT1 are ideal for use with cylinder or pipe applications, with an operating range of 10-90°C and also comes with large terminal screws for easy connection. The TRV 2-Way, is designed with unique 2-Way flow technology and incorporates our patented bonding technique. With a liquid sensor fitted at its heart it guarantees years of accurate temperature control, simplifies installation and removes the worry of costly call backs.

Manual valves, such as the Matchmate, Matchmaster and Fullflow, are also available and are perfect for commercial or domestic applications where a more robust specification is required.

For further details about Myson’s comprehensive portfolio of solutions, visit or contact Sean Leonard on 0044 7766 730 559 or Alun Coulter on 0044 7766 730 684.