More than a century of Ideal Heating solutions

Ideal Heating’s boilers – available from MacBlair Plumbing – the market leaders in northern Ireland...

Logic-Combi and Logic MAX Combi

Ideal Heating was established in 1906, with the founding principles of quality, innovation and value – and has been at the forefront of designing and manufacturing pioneering heating technology ever since.
Over the last century, Ideal has played an important role in introducing affordable and reliable heating solutions into homes across the UK and Ireland. The launch of the Logic range in 2009 was a landmark moment for the business. Its arrival allowed Ideal to offer its most efficient boiler to date – with more than 90% of the heat released from burning fuel being recycled back into the system.
A mainstay of the Ideal range, Logic boilers are known and loved by installers and homeowners alike for their simplicity, ease of install and use, as well as quality and reliability. The Logic Max also comes with a system filter to keep it working efficiently and effectively all year round, and has a 10-year warranty for extra peace of mind.
What’s more, households can now also enjoy more flexibility and control over their home heating with Halo – Ideal’s stylish new range of compatible programmable room thermostats. The Halo Combi RF and Halo Combi Wi-Fi are compatible with Ideal Logic and Vogue combi boilers, and can be set up and running in minutes.

Halo programmable thermostat is compatible with Ideal Logic and Vogue combi boilers.

Smart talk
Inside the box is the Halo unit and the Smart Interface it communicates with, which slots into the aperture on the front of the boiler with no need for wiring. With a large colour screen and simple dial making the Halo easy and enjoyable to use, Halo allows households to control their heating to suit their lifestyle – delivering better comfort and energy efficiency.
Up to six heating periods can be programmed throughout the day, and users can vary the schedule from one day to the next. The Halo Combi Wi-Fi model also features internet connectivity and app-controlled heating, enabling users to control their heating on-the-go, via their Google Home or Amazon Alexa smart home assistant, or simply by their whereabouts – using the Geolocation feature on the Halo app.
Ideal Heating is a market leader in Northern Ireland, with one in every four new domestic boilers being installed across the UK at present bearing the Ideal name. The same level of success can also be found in the world of commercial and industrial boilers, where the Ideal name is even more prevalent.
Ideal also continues to drive the industry forward in setting new standards, challenging technological boundaries and constantly evolving to meet new regulatory targets. Most recently, this has seen the launch of Ideal’s Environmental Division, which oversees a programme of investment into research, product development and stakeholder engagement, to support the decarbonisation of the domestic heating sector.

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